Highlights and images for 19 July 2017



AC29 reconvened on Wednesday, 19 July, meeting in parallel working groups.

The working group on Review of Significant Trade, chaired by Europe representative Vincent Fleming (UK) and North America representative Rosemarie Gnam (US), met throughout the day, discussing an exhaustive list of species/country recommendations.

Another all-day working group was held on sharks and rays, chaired by Hugh Robertson (New Zealand), Oceania representative. Topics addressed included: genetic tools and traceability measures; non-detriment findings (NDFs) in situations with data deficiencies; and strategies for sharing lessons learned on NDFs. The group developed recommendations for the AC.

The working group on sturgeons, chaired by Carolina Caceres (Canada), alternate representative for North America, met in the morning. Participants debated whether Black Sea sturgeons constitute one or several stocks, and discussed a proposed definition of “country of origin of caviar,” namely: “country in which a registered processing plant harvests roe.” Several participants expressed concerns over the proposed definition, citing cases in which fish are taken from the wild in one country and their roe harvested in another.

In the afternoon, the working group on snakes, chaired by AC Chair Mathias Lörtscher (Switzerland), reviewed the document on the conservation, sustainable use of, and trade in snakes, including the proposed guidance for CITES Scientific Authorities concerning NDFs for snakes. The group also discussed python traceability standards.

The working group on nomenclature issues, chaired by CITES nomenclature expert Peter Paul van Dijk, also met in the afternoon. Participants addressed implications of new nomenclature insights with regard to African and Asian lions, sea horses, and sheep.

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Photos by IISD/ENB | Sean Wu
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Working Group on Review of Significant Trade

View of the dais in the working group on review of significant trade

Co-Chair Rosemarie Gnam, AC representative for North America

Co-Chair Vincent Fleming, AC representative for Europe

(L-R) Karen Gaynor, CITES Secretariat, reviewing a document with Co-Chairs Vincent Fleming, AC representative for Europe, and Rosemarie Gnam, AC representative for North America

Patience Gandiwa and Roseline Lillian Mandisodza, Zimbabwe

Gerald Benyr, Austria

Thomas Leuteritz, US

Room view during the working group discussions

Colman O'Criodain, World Wildlife Fund (WWF)

Zoltan Czirak, Hungary

Working Group on Sharks

Room view during the working group on sharks

Angela Somma, US

Hirohide Matsushima, Japan

Somboon Siriraksophon,
Southeast Asian Fisheries Development

Glenn Sant, TRAFFIC

Working Group on Sturgeons

View of the working group on sturgeons

Carolina Caceres, Canada

Jaques Berney, World Conservation Trust (IWMC)

Working Group on Snakes

Tom De Meulenaer, CITES Secretariat, and Chair Mathias Lörtscher, Switzerland

Willow Outhwaite, TRAFFIC

Masha Kalinina, Humane Society International

Working Group on Nomenclature

View of the working group on nomenclature

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