Highlights and images for 25 July 2018



Highlights for Wednesday, 25 July 2018

Delegates informally discuss elections to the Council

On Wednesday, 25 July, the Assembly of the International Seabed Authority (ISA) addressed the draft strategic plan for the next five years, focusing on:

  • the operationalization of the common heritage of humankind;
  • the protection of the marine environment;
  • monitoring and review; and
  • international cooperation.
  • For extensive details on the day’s negotiations and to hear what delegates said in the corridors, see our daily Earth Negotiations Bulletin.

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    Photos by IISD/ENB | Diego Noguera

    Amadou Jaiteh, The Gambia
    Guobin Zhang, Center for Polar and Deep Ocean Development, Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU)
    Kaiea Ribanataake, Kiribati
    Matthew Gianni, Deep Sea Conservation Coalition
    Juan José González Mijares and Ernesto Malda, Mexico
    María Ángela Ponce, the Philippines
    Wini Broadbelt, the Netherlands
    Ariel Fernández, Argentina; and Carlos Alberto Michaelsen den Hartog, Brazil
    Barbara Haley, Guyana
    Mercedes Valdez Mesa, Cuba
    Andrzej Przybycin, Chair of the Finance Committee
    Douglas McCauley, University of California, US; Kenneth Wong, Canada; and Lowri Mai Griffiths, the United Kingdom
    Kjell Kristian Egge, Norway; and Daniele Bosio, Italy
    Calvin Thompson and Amb. A’Dale Robinson, Jamaica
    Amb. Malek Twal, Jordan; and Tetsuya Yoshimoto, Japan
    Celso Lopes and Izildo Ferreira, Mozambique
    L-R: Irina Ponomareva, Andrey Gagelgants, Vladimir Vinokurov, and Alexey Orel, the Russian Federation
    Duncan Currie, Deep Sea Conservation Coalition; Kate Neilson, New Zealand; and David Yardley, Australia
    Kazuya Naitou and Aya Yakabe, Japan; and Xuewei Xu, China
    Kent Bressie and Graham Evans, International Cable Protection Committee
    Paul Lynch and Josh Mitchell, Cook Islands
    Jean-Christophe Vandevelde and Nicole de Paula, ENB
    L-R: Maruthadu Sudhakar, India; Pratima Jauhari, ISA Secretariat; and Vijay Kumar, India
    Elisa Morgera, ENB; and Matthew Gianni, Deep Sea Conservation Coalition
    Amy Gartman, US; and Winnie Roberts, Pew Charitable Trusts
    The delegation from Singapore
    Interpreters team at the end of the session
    Around the Venue
    Delegates collect Wednesday’s documents