4th Session of the UNCED Preparatory Committee

2 March – 4 April 1992 | UN Headquarters, New York, United States of America

UN Conference on Environment and Development PrepCom IV – UNCED

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The Fourth Session of the Preparatory Committee (PrepCom) of the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED) was held from 2 March until 4 April 1992. Although a number of issues still remain to be negotiated -- and the relevant text remains in square brackets -- much progress was made during the five-week negotiating session.

The final chapter of the UNCED process, to be played out in Rio de Janeiro in June, will be less denouement and more conflict resolution as the climax is yet to come. After five weeks of negotiations and, according to UN sources, 24 million pages of documentation produced at PrepCom IV, there are a number of problems that still need to be resolved before the Rio Conference.