Highlights and images for 11 March 2016



INC7 delegates convened in plenary on Friday morning and afternoon, and continued discussions of work related to Article 3 (mercury supply sources and trade) and initiated discussions of work related to Articles 8 (emissions), 13 (financial resources and mechanism), and 23 (Conference of the Parties).
The contact group on technical matters met during the lunch break and in the evening, and the contact group on finance convened in the evening.

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Photos by IISD/ENB | Kiara Worth
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Morning Plenary

Delegates gather for the start of plenary

Fernando Lugris, Uruguay, INC Chair

Christopher Allen, EU

Marianne Bailey, US

Andreas Gössnitzer, Switzerland

Heidar Ali Balouji, Iran

Angela Rivera, Colombia

David Lennett, Zero Mercury Working Group

David Kapindula, Zambia

Abdullah K. Tawlah, Saudi Arabia

Francisca Farías Burgos, Chile

Cristina Briel, Argentina

Akiko Inagoya, Japan

Dhekra Gharbi, Tunisia

John Roberts, UK, Co-Chair of the Best Available Technologies/ Best Environmental Practices (BAT/BEP) Expert Group

Adel Shafei Mohamed Osman, Egypt, Co-Chair of BAT/BEP Expert Group

Contact Groups

Contact Group on Technical Matters

Mary-Anne Pan, Singapore

Contact Group Co-Chairs Leticia Reis de Carvalho, Brazil, and Kateřina Šebková, Czech Republic

Contact Group on Finance

Contact Group Co-Chair Gillian Guthrie, Jamaica

O. O. Dada, Nigeria

Afternoon Plenary

View of the dais during the afternoon plenary

Fernando Lugris, Uruguay, INC Chair

Jacob Duer, interim secretariat of the Minamata Convention

Technical Matters Contact Group Co-Chair Kateřina Šebková, Czech Republic

Rolph Payet, Executive Secretary, Basel, Rotterdam and Stockholm (BRS) Conventions

Alexander Romanov, Russian Federation

Mario Mottin, Brazil

Joe DiGangi, IPEN

Around the Venue

Delegates enjoy a view of the Dead Sea before the start of plenary

Jacob Duer, interim secretariat of the
Minamata Convention, speaks with delegates

The US delegation

Rolph Payet, Executive Secretary, BRS Conventions,
speaks with a delegate

Ibrahim Thiaw, UNEP Deputy Executive
Director, speaks with delegates outside plenary

Fernando Lugris, Uruguay, INC Chair (center),
speaks with Agustina Camilli, Uruguay (left),
and Sezaneh Seymour, US (right)

Delegates from Jordan

Staff at the venue

A delegate reads the Earth Negotiations Bulletin (ENB)

Delegates browse through a variety of Jordanian crafts on display

Displays throughout the venue

Jordanian products

Cosmetics containing high levels of mercury


Negotiating blocs
European Union