Highlights and images for 15 March 2016



On Tuesday, delegates to INC7 convened in plenary in the morning to hear reports from the Co-Chairs of the contact groups on rules, finance, reporting and effectiveness evaluation, and technical issues. The contact group on reporting then met in parallel to plenary and the informal group on emissions met during lunch to continue work.

In the afternoon, delegates reconvened in plenary to continue discussions of issues including wastes, emissions and contaminated sites. Delegates also addressed other business, including the report of the interim secretariat on its activities.

Taher Shakashir, Minister of Environment, Jordan, offered a closing address in which he hailed the efforts of delegates and wished them well in their future negotiations. Chair Lugris thanked participants for their hard work and gaveled the meeting to a close at 6:22 pm.

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Photos by IISD/ENB | Kiara Worth
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Morning Plenary

View of the dais during the morning plenary

Fernando Lugris, Uruguay, INC Chair

Reporting Contact Group Co-Chair David Kapindula, Zambia

Technical Matters Contact Group
Co-Chair Kateřina Šebková, Czech Republic

Finance Contact Group Co-Chair
Gregor Filyk, Canada

Rules Contact Group Co-Chair
Andrew McNee, Australia

Finance Contact Group Co-Chair Gillian Guthrie, Jamaica

John Roberts, UK, Co-Facilitator of the Best Available Technologies/ Best Environmental Practices (BAT/BEP) Informal Group

The Secretariat applauds the work completed by INC7

Achim Halpaap, UN Environment Programme (UNEP)

Rodica Ella Ivan, UN Industrial
Development Organization (UNIDO)

Usman Tariq, UN Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR)

Carolyn Vickers, World Health
Organisation (WHO)

Rolph Payet, Executive Secretary, Basel, Rotterdam and Stockholm (BRS) Conventions

Sani Mahazou, Niger

Kasper Koefoed Hansen, UN Development Programme (UNDP)

Reginald Hernaus, EU

Boiyan Kpakolo, Liberia

Dwayne Curtis, Bahamas

Elena Lymberidi-Settimo,
Zero Mercury Working Group

Lee Bell, IPEN

Mahmood Khwaja, Sustainable Development Policy Institute

Contact Group on Reporting

View of the dais for the Contact Group on Reporting

Christopher Allen, EU

Iftikhar-ul-Hassan Gilani, Pakistan

Eirik Hovland Steindal, Norway

Contact Group Co-Chair
Silvija Kalniņš, Latvia

Paulina Riquelme Pallamar, Chile

Closing Plenary

Delegates gather for the closing plenary

Taher Shakhashir, Minister of Environment, Jordan

Raouf Al Dabbas, Ministry of Environment, Jordan

Peter Ayuk Enoh, Cameroon

Mick Saito, Japan

Mohammed Khashashneh, Jordan

Francis Kihumba, Kenya

Lamya Aljorephani, Kuwait

Sam Adu-Kumi, Ghana

L-R: Mohammed Khashashneh, Jordan; Shan Tse, Jordan; Raouf Al Dabbas, Jordan; Taher Shakhashir, Minister of Environment, Jordan; and Hana Shihabi, Jordan

Andrei Pilipchuk, Belarus

Shruti Rai Bhardwaj, India

Franz Perrez, Switzerland

Renato Cruz, the Philippines

Sezaneh Seymour, US

Idris Adamu Goji, Nigeria

Jianhong Meng, China

The meeting is gaveled to a close

The INC7 family

Around the Venue

Delegates from Tunisia

John Whitelaw, UNEP, speaks with Gabi Eigenmann, Switzerland

Delegates meet informally

A delegate tests out a 'hover board'

Abdullah K. Tawlah and Abdullah Al Ghalbi, Saudi Arabia

Bureau of the Intergovernmental Negotiating Committee

Delegates from GRULAC with the INC7 Chair

Delegates from Spain

Delegates from South Africa

Delegates from Viet Nam

Delegates from Jordan

Marcus Richards, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines,
with Franklyn Connor, Saint Kitts and Nevis

Earth Negotiations Bulletin (ENB) team covering INC7 (L-R): Kiara Worth; Brett Wertz; Jen Allan; Jessica Templeton; Annelies van Gaalen; Delia Paul; and Tallash Kantai