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11th Session of the UN Forum on Forests

4-15 May 2015 | UN Headquarters, New York

Highlights for Tuesday, 12 May 2015

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WG1 Co-Chairs and Secretariat

Working Group 1 Co-Chairs conferred with Secretariat

UNFF11 reconvened on Tuesday, 12 May, to continue discussions on the draft ministerial declaration and resolution.

Working Group 1’s contact group resumed in the morning to undertake a second reading of the draft ministerial declaration. In the afternoon, the Working Group 1 Co-Chairs presented and distributed a "Co-Chairs’ proposal," containing compromises on the text, for further consideration by the Working Group.

Working Group 2 established a contact group to discuss the potential establishment of a subsidiary body of UNFF, its functions and modalities, and means of implementation. In the afternoon, the Working Group 2 Co-Chairs introduced their compromise proposal for the draft resolution.

Both working groups continued their discussions into the night.

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Working Groups

WG1 Dais Shot

The dais during Working Group 1


Working Group 1 Contact Group

Oppon Sasu, Ghana

Arvids Ozols, European Union

Peter Besseau, Canada

Lyubov Polyakova, Ukraine

Jarad Momeni, Iran

Meredith Stokdijk, New Zealand

WG2 Dais Shot

A view of the dais during Working Group 2


Working Group 2 Contact Group

Side Events

WFC XIV side event

South Africa organized a side event to promote the XIV Forest Congress, to be held in Durban in September 2015

ACTO side event

The Amazon Cooperation Treaty Organization organized a side event on monitoring Amazon forests

Around UNFF11

The Queens skyline from UN Headquarters

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