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11th Session of the UN Forum on Forests

4-15 May 2015 | UN Headquarters, New York

Highlights for Wednesday, 13 May 2015

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WG Delegates Confer

Delegates conferred during a break in the Working Group

UNFF11 reconvened on Wednesday, 13 May, for the start of the High-Level Segment and the continuation of discussions in Working Group 2. Working Group 1 had completed its work late the previous evening, agreeing on the draft ministerial declaration.

Throughout the day, the High-Level Segment heard general statements from Member States. Working Group 2 resumed in parallel to consider the Co-Chair’s proposed text. They also convened in smaller contact groups to discuss text on means of implementation.

Discussions continued into the night.

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High-Level Segment

Dais Shot

A view of the dais during the high-level segment

Martin Sajdik

Martin Sajdik, ECOSOC President

Kadiatou N'Diaye

Kadiatou N'Diaye, Guinea

Jānis Dūklavs

Jānis Dūklavs, European Union

Christian Schmidt

Christian Schmidt, Germany

Abdoulaye Balde

Abdoulaye Balde, Senegal

Robert Pickersgill

Robert Pickersgill, Jamaica

Mushahid Ullah Khan

Mushahid Ullah Khan, Pakistan

Ralava Beboarimisa

Ralava Beboarimisa, Madagascar

Christabel Ngimbu

Christabel Ngimbu, Zambia

Henri Djombo

Henri Djombo, Congo

Patrik Mlynář

Patrik Mlynář, Czech Republic


Noël Messone, Gabon

Nii Osah Mills

Nii Osah Mills, Ghana

Zhang Yongli

Zhang Yongli, China

James Dawos Mamit

James Dawos Mamit, Malaysia

Ivan Valentik

Ivan Valentik, Russian Federation

Hanne Maren Blåfjelldal

Hanne Maren Blåfjelldal, Norway

Jozef Spevár

Jozef Spevár, Slovakia

Dan Popescu

Dan Popescu, Romania

Elisabeth Backteman

Elisabeth Backteman, Sweden

Silvia Alicia Révora

Silvia Alicia Révora, Argentina

Khodakaram Jalali

Khodakaram Jalali, Iran

Begoña Nieto Gilarte

Begoña Nieto Gilarte, Spain

Glenn Mason

Glenn Mason, Canada

Demetrio Ignacio

Demetrio Ignacio, the Philippines

Christine Dawson

Emilio Mugo, Kenya

Abdullah Abu Shaweesh

Abdullah Abu Shaweesh,
State of Palestine


Ibrahim Çiftçi, Turkey

Side Events

Norway/CBD event

Norway and the Convention on Biological Diversity Secretariat coordinated a side event on leveraging integrated approaches
for achieving forest-related Aichi Biodiversity Targets and the expanded Programme of Work on Forest Biodiversity.


The UN Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) and FAO organized a side event on
trends and challenges in achieving the global objectives on forests in the UNECE region.

###ALT TEXT###

Sweden and the China organized a side event on sustainable forest management
through farmer producer organization, policy reforms and collaboration.

Around UNFF11

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