16th Session of the UNFF

26–29 April 2021 | Online

United Nations Forum on Forests – UNFF


With the world focused on COVID-19, global economic shocks, and climate change, UNFF16 met to remind the world that forests provide multiple socio-economic and environmental services and can help address these crises.

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The sixteenth session of the UN Forum on Forests (UNFF16) took place from 26-29 April 2021. This meeting was held virtually, in line with the continued health and safety measures in response to COVID-19.

In 2020, UNFF15 held a one-day informal session for the adoption a resolution on key issues to support intersessional work, including the quadrennial programme of work (4POW) for 2021-2024.

This year, UNFF16, had a full agenda. As outlined in the quadrennial programme of work, UNFF16 was a technical session, and among other discussions, considered and adopted the 4POW for 2021-2024. The Forum also took into account the review cycle of the High-level Political Forum on Sustainable Development (HLPF), and the theme of the 2021 International Day of Forests, “Forest Restoration: a Path to Recovery and Well-being.”

The Forum also discussed:

  • UN strategic plan for forests 2017-2030 (UNSPF) communication and outreach strategy;
  • thematic priorities for 2021-2022 in support of the UNSPF;
  • monitoring, assessment, and reporting, including the Forum flagship publication;
  • enhanced cooperation, coordination, and engagement on forest-related issues;
  • emerging issues, including impacts of COVID-19 on forests and the forest sector;
  • Facilitation Network and availability of resources; and
  • the UNFF Trust Fund.

The outcome of UNFF16 was a Chair’s summary of the discussions including a summary of a high-level round table to be held during the meeting. The Earth Negotiations Bulletin provided daily digital reporting, and summary and analysis of UNFF16.

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