60th Meeting of the GEF Council - GEF60 - 18June2021

Highlights and images for 18 June 2021


60th Meeting of the GEF Council - GEF60 - 18June2021

The GEF Council extended its thanks to outgoing Council Member Kordula Mehlhart, Germany.

The GEF and Least Developed Countries Fund/Special Climate Change Fund (LDCF/SCCF) Councils both approved the Co-Chairs’ summaries and concluded their meetings on Friday, 18 June.


The LDCF/SCCF Council considered several agenda items, including planning for the development of the 2022-2026 GEF programming strategy on adaptation to climate change for Council endorsement in June 2022. The Council supported the proposal, with many Members and the GEF Civil Society Organizations Network indicating interest in participating.

During a discussion on the work program and budget for the Independent Evaluation Office (IEO) under the LDCF and SCCF, Council Members were briefed on the evaluation of portfolio-level performance and lessons learned. Members inquired about the low sustainability rating of the analyzed sample of projects, and commended the good progress on including gender issues in projects. On project sustainability, the Secretariat noted that: the review covered projects from the GEF-4, GEF-5, and GEF-6 funding cycles, and learning by countries, Agencies, and the GEF Secretariat has been incorporated over time; projects have increasingly addressed the sustainability question, as lessons have been learned; and some projects were affected by the global pandemic.

Kordula Mehlhart, Council Member, Germany

On pledges, Germany called attention to its pledge of EUR 100 million to the LDCF, as announced during the Adaptation Summit in January 2021. Sweden announced an additional contribution of SEK 130 million. The Netherlands confirmed its EUR 20 million pledge for the LDCF. Denmark and Switzerland indicated they were considering increasing their pledges.

Carlos Manuel Rodríguez, CEO and Chairperson, GEF

On the question of LDCF/SCCF visibility, Council Members called for a strong LDCF presence at the Glasgow Climate Change Conference, including a side event and conducting a comprehensive outreach strategy, with regular reporting to the Council, among other actions. The Secretariat reported it is upgrading its website and will be using the occasion of the GEF’s 30th anniversary and the 20th anniversary of the LDCF/SCCF to further its outreach activities.

The Joint Summary of the LDCF/SCCF Co-Chairs was approved with minor amendments.

GEF Council

The GEF Council reviewed the Joint Summary of the GEF Council Co-Chairs and added text noting the UN Development Programme’s (UNDP) presentation to the Council. The summary was approved without further amendment.

In closing, GEF CEO Rodríguez complimented Council Members on a productive meeting. He reminded Members that the Council would meet in executive session with UNDP after closing, and that the Secretariat would be providing Members with monthly updates on the process with UNDP. He also noted preparations for the next GEF-8 replenishment meeting in September. The Council extended its thanks to outgoing Council Member Kordula Mehlhart, Germany.

Elected Chair Møglestue thanked Members for working constructively all week, remarking that the GEF Council is unique. She also thanked CEO Rodríguez for his vision that guides GEF work.

The CSO Network thanked all for “a real participatory event,” and expressed hope that future GEF processes will include full CSO participation.

Rodríguez closed the meeting at 9:21 AM EDT.

GEF Council Members concluded the 60th meeting at 9:21 AM EDT.

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