Earth observation

GEO Week 2022

31 October – 4 November 2022 | Accra, Ghana


Convening under the theme, “Global Action for Local Impact,” GEO Week 2022 brought together practitioners to discuss the potential for earth observation to assist in addressing global challenges. The week was heavily focused on the future direction of GEO, with participants engaging in sessions related to the road to GEO post-2025.

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The Group on Earth Observations (GEO), an intergovernmental partnership of more than 100 countries plus the European Commission, promotes the extensive use of earth observations data, information, and knowledge for research, policy, decisions, and action.

Earth observation (EO) is the collection of information about the Earth’s atmospheric, oceanic, and terrestrial systems, including changes to these systems over time. EO data provides essential information to support decision making in GEO’s three global priority engagement areas: climate action, disaster risk reduction (DRR), and sustainable development. Central to GEO’s mission is the development of the Global Earth Observation System of Systems (GEOSS), which aims to link existing and planned observing systems around the world and support the development of new systems where gaps currently exist. It facilitates the sharing of environmental data and information collected from the large array of observing systems contributed by countries and organizations within GEO.

Under the theme “Global Action for Local Impact,” GEO Week 2022 will engage with its expansive community, including many from the African regional GEO (AfriGEO). During the week, the 18th Plenary Session of GEO (GEO-18) will convene to address, among others:

  • operational services for Africa
  • EO for nature-based solutions;
  • the road to GEO post-2025;
  • future-proofing National Adaptation Plans; and
  • collective action on oceans, climate, and biodiversity.

GEO-18 is also expected to consider: recommendations from the Expert Advisory Group on GEOSS; the GEO Work Programme 2023-2025; the 2021 Financial Statements and Audit Report; and the 2023 GEO Secretariat Trust Fund Budget and pledges. In addition, the Executive Committee will meet in an invitation-only setting to take decisions relevant to the GEO.

The Conference will convene in Accra, Ghana, from 31 October – 4 November 2022, amid rapid technological change and mounting environmental challenges affecting both the continent and the world at large.

Prior to the official opening, participants are scheduled to engage in discussions along various tracks, including from industry, youth, and women. Discussions are expected to address, among others, public private partnerships as catalysts for local action in EO and women in geographic information systems (GIS). The youth-driven discussion track is expected to consider science and policy for a sustainable planet. Numerous side events are also expected to convene throughout the week.

Funding for Earth Negotiations Bulletin coverage of GEO Week 2022 has been provided by the GEO Secretariat.


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