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The 20th session of the Governing Council of the United Nations
Human Settlements Programme (UN-HABITAT)
4 - 8 April 2005, Nairobi, Kenya
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Friday, 08 April

The drafting committee met in the morning and early afternoon to negotiate a draft resolution on the Millennium Development Goals. Delegates also met in a morning session of the Committee of the Whole to adopt its report. The plenary met in the morning to adopt the report of the Conference. In the afternoon, the closing plenary met to adopt drat resolutions and hear closing remarks.

The Committee of the Whole met in its concluding session in the morning. Chair Bernd Braun, Germany (right), presented the draft report of the COW together with the draft report of the GC-20, which were all adopted without amendment

Petr Kopriva, President of CG-20
In her closing remarks, Anna Tibaijuka, Executive Director, UN-HABITAT said GC-20 is extremely interesting, thought-provoking, and successful.
Joseph Mungai, Secretary to GC-20will be retiring soon from the Secretariat
Mohammed Hacene Echarif (right), Algeria, speaking for African Group, expressed the group’s overall satisfaction with the outcome of the meeting
Edna Tobi, Nigeria, was the meeting's rapporteur
Alexander Ignatiev, The Russian Federation, speaking for Central and Eastern Europe, stated that governments should work closely with UN-HABITAT to achieve MDGs
Bernd Braun, Germany, on behalf of WEOG, stressed the need to improve the work of the organization in order to improve lives of millions of people
Amos Kimunya, Minister for Lands and Housing of Kenya
Wojciech Jasinski, Chair of the Committe of Permanent Representatives to UN-HABITAT, urged all to play their role to carry out more activities for human settlements
Margarita Dieguez, Mexico, for GRULAC, said the decisions taken at GC-20 are strengthening UN-HABITAT
Salvador Gomila Gonzalez, Cuba, for G-77/CHINA, said GC-20’s outcome is useful for the future work
The US said there is a need to give more focus on the direction of UN-HABITAT
Chair Rosalinda Valenton Tirona, Philippines, on behalf of Asian Group, called for implementation of resolutions by all member states
Tanya van Gool, Netherlands, on behalf of the EU, welcomed the resolution on medium-term plan and stressed the need to shift from delivery of activities to results
The Earth Negotiations Bulletin team, from left: Xenya Cherny, Changbo Bai, William McPherson and Elisa Morgera

Drafting Committee
The Drafting Committee, Chaired by Jose Luis Casal, met throughout the day to negotiate the resolution on Millennium Development Goals. After intensive discussions, the committee agree on a draft for the Plenary. During the Plenary however, the resolution was withdrawn by President Kopriva.
Vice President Jose Luis Casal

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