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Land Policy & Practice
Second Global Soil Week (GSW 2013) - “Losing Ground?”

27-31 October 2013 | Berlin, Germany
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Intro - 28 October - 29 October - 30 October

Highlights for Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Second Global Soil Week (GSW2) 2013 - “Losing Ground?”

The second day of Global Soil Week 2013 focused on the topic “Managing soils within the nexus of water, energy and food security, in order to achieve sustainable development.”

In the morning, participants met in six interactive dialogue sessions, to explore this topic. The discussions were organized around the four thematic threads running through the GSW 2013, and covered: sustainable soil management in sub-Saharan Africa; integrating knowledge systems for sustainable land management; soil engineering to enhance the functioning of soils in the critical zone; a proposal for global targets and indicators for soils and land in the sustainable development goals process; integrated governance for energy security and sustainable land use; and balancing trade-offs in the “rush for land.”

In the afternoon, participants met in two plenary sessions to review key outcomes from the dialogue sessions and share perspectives from different world regions on how to develop strategies for societal change and the way forward. During the final session, participants highlighted key messages for inclusion in the outcome document of the meeting, Agenda for Action.

Autumn leaves are a major contributor to the soil nutrient cycle
Dialogue session on soils and land in the sustainable development goals
Alexander Müller, Senior Fellow, IASS
Andrea Koch, US Studies Centre, University of
Sydney, Australia
Dialogue session on integrating knowledge systems for sustainable land management
Dialogue session on balancing trade-offs
Martin Persson, Chalmers University of Technology,
Dialogue session on integrated governance for energy security and sustainable land use
Dialogue session on sustainable soil nutrient management in
sub-Saharan Africa
Johannes Kotschi, Association for Agriculture and Ecology,
Germany, making a presentation
Dialogue session on soil engineering
Walter Erdelen, Former Assistant
Director-General, UN Educational,
Scientific and Cultural Organization
(UNESCO) and Thematic Ambassador,
International Soil Policy and Sustainable
Development Goals
Deborah Bossio, Director of Soil Research,
International Centre for Tropical
Agriculture (CIAT) and Thematic
Ambassador, Material Cycles
Pablo Pacheco, Principal Scientist,
Centre for International Forestry
Research (CIFOR) and Thematic
Ambassador, Sustainable Land
Management and Soil Engineering
Camilla Toulmin, Director, International
Institute for Environment and Development
(IIED), moderated the session
Iris Krebber, Food Security and Land
Adviser, Department for International
Development (DFID), UK, Thematic
Ambassador, Responsible Land
L-R: Fon Nsoh, Coordinator, Community Initiative for Sustainable Development (COMINSUD),
Cameroon; Maria Betti, Director, Institute for Environment and Sustainability (IES) at the
European Commission Joint Research Centre; Johan Kuylenstierna, Executive Director,
Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI); Martin Yemefack, President, African Soil Science
Society (ASSS); Moujahed Achouri, Director, Land and Water Division, Food and
Agriculture Organization of the UN (FAO)
L-R: Camilla Toulmin, IIED; Johan Kuylenstierna, SEI; and
Walter Erdelen, Former Assistant Director-General, UNESCO
L-R: Deborah Bossio, CIAT and Martin
L-R: Fon Nsoh, COMINSUD, Cameroon and Iris
L-R: Maria Betti, IES, Joint Research Centre and
Walter Erdelen
, Former Assistant Director-General,
L-R: Camilla Toulmin, IIED; Moujahed Achouri, FAO; and Pablo Pacheco,
Teofilus Nghitila, Commissioner, Department of Environmental Affairs, Namibia, making an intervention
L-R: Günther Bachmann, Secretary-General, Council for Sustainable Development, Germany; Jennifer Franco, Coordinator,
Agrarian Justice, Transnational Institute, US; Jae Yang, President, International Union of Soil Sciences; Ronald Vargas, Soils
and Land Management Officer, FAO; Luc Gnacadja, former Executive Secretary, UN Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD);
Yanira Ntupanyama
, Secretary, Ministry of Environment and Climate Management, Malawi; Anneke Trux, Team Leader,
Human Capacity Building Academy for International Cooperation, GIZ; Helge Wendenburg, Director-General, Federal Ministry for
the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety (BMU), Germany; and Md. Sirajul Islam, Head, Agriculture and
Food Security Program, BRAC University, Bangladesh
Anneke Trux, GIZ, highlighting the interlinkages between soil, water, climate, and food
Luc Gnacadja, former Executive Secretary, UNCCD,
responding to questions from the plenary
L-R: Anneke Trux, GIZ, posing a question to Günther
, Secretary-General, Council for Sustainable
Development, Germany; Jennifer Franco, Transnational
Institute; and Jae Yang, President, International Union of
Soil Sciences
Seed balls from the Save our Seeds (SOS) exhibition
L-R: Luise Körner, ARC2020 and Joscha Steybe, SOS, Germany
Participants walking pass by soil art installations by Anneli Ketterer, produced through a
technique known as decrustation, developed by the artist to fix and remove earth surfaces
Soil artist Anneli Ketterer in conversation with a GSW 2013 participant
Funding for coverage of this event has been provided by IASS Potsdam
IASS Potsdam
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