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Land Policy & Practice
Second Global Soil Week (GSW2) 2013 - “Losing Ground?”

27-31 October 2013 | Berlin, Germany
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Intro - 28 October - 29 October

Second Global Soil Week (GSW2) 2013 - “Losing Ground?”
The Second Global Soil Week (GSW2), an international multi-stakeholder event dedicated to the sustainable management of soils, will take place from 27-31 October 2013 in Berlin, Germany. IISD RS will be covering three meeting days, the 28th-30th.

The meeting will bring together researchers, policy makers and practitioners focused on the sustainable use of soils, responsible land governance and international soil policy to address the theme of “Losing Ground.”The discussions will be organized around four sub-themes that correspond to key areas of response to the issue of global soil loss: transforming global material and nutrient cycles; upscaling sustainable land management and soil engineering at the landscape level; integrating soils in the sustainable development goals (SDGs) debate; and responsible land governance. The outcome of the multi-stakeholder event will be an "Agenda for Action" to join forces and expertise to contribute to better soil management and responsible land governance.

Launched in 2012, the GSW evolved from collaboration between the Global Soil Forum of the Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies (IASS), Potsdam, Germany, and its national and international partners. The GSW also aims to contribute to the work of Global Soil Partnership (GSP), coordinated by the UN Food and Agriculture Organization.

IISD RS will produce daily web coverage and a summary report from this event. Kindly return to this site on Monday, 28 October 2013, for more information.
A view of the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin (photo courtesy of the Government of Germany)
A view of the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin (photo courtesy of the Government of Germany)
Funding for coverage of this event has been provided by IASS Potsdam
IASS Potsdam
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