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Third Global Soil Week (GSW) 2015 - “Soil. The Substance of Transformation”

19-23 April 2015 | Berlin, Germany

Highlights for Wednesday, 22 April 2015

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The plenary closed with an improvisation theatre performance by Theatersport Berlin

IISD Reporting Services, through its ENB+ Meeting Coverage, has produced a summary report of the “Global Soil Week 2015: Soil. The Substance of Transformation.” in HTML and PDF format.

The third day of Global Soil Week 2015 focused on developing an integrated perspective beyond 2015. In the morning, participants attended dialogue sessions on: experiences and strategies for implementation and monitoring of responsible governance of tenure of land, fisheries and forests; tools and approaches to increasing supply-chain sustainability of land-based commodities; soil and land indicators for the international policy agenda: towards joint action; building a knowledge and innovation platform on soil contamination for soil policies; financing soil and land rehabilitation; soil fertility management; nexus governance Post-2015: collaborative implementation; and soil-atmosphere exchange.

At lunchtime, participants attended the opening of the One Hectare exhibition and art installation in the park Gleisdreick – Schöneberger Wiese. The installation includes works from international artists in the form of performances, sculpture, sound installations and videos. To mark the opening, black fabric was unrolled over an area of one hectare by a group of performance artists. The unrolling lasted 20 minutes to symbolize the speed at which soil is being sealed in Germany.

The final plenary convened in the afternoon. Thomas Silberhorn, BMZ, described Germany’s support efforts to reduce land degradation and improve food security through the One World No Hunger Initiative. Alexander Müller, IASS Secretary General, summarized the conference’s main messages including: that sustainable land management can help achieve several SDGs; that soil protection and rehabilitation is about technologies as well as human rights; and the need to implement the SDGs consistently, and take advantage of their transformational potential.

The closing panel discussed how to move forward after Global Soil Week 2015. Theatersport Berlin closed the meeting with an improvised performance creatively capturing key messages emerging from conference.

L-R: Mette Wilkie, UNEP; Maria Krautzberger, Federal Environment Agency (UBA); Hubert Ouédraogo, Land Policy Initiative, UNECA; Alexander Müller, IASS; Gerda Verburg, Chair, Committee on World Food Security (CFS), FAO; and Ursula Schäfer-Preuss, Global Water Partnership

Alexander Müller, IASS

Ursula Schäfer-Preuss,
Global Water Partnership

Mette Wilkie, UNEP

Gerda Verburg, Chair, CFS, FAO

Hubert Ouédraogo, Land Policy Initiative,
United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA)

Maria Krautzberger, UBA

Thomas Silberhorn, Parliamentary State Secretary, German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ)

Sicily Kanini Kariuki, Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries, Kenya

Hannah Steenbergen, Common Soil and Sustainable Food Trust UK and Siyabonga Myeza, South Africa Environmental Monitoring Group​

Corinna Weber with Klaus Töpfer, IASS

Jazz band performing after the closing of the plenary

Dialogue Session: Three years of VGGT - experiences and strategies for implementation and monitoring

Room view during the session

Paul-Munro Faure, FAO

Wordsworth Odame Larbi, FAO

Alexander Müller, IASS

Members of the Civil Society group deliberating

Hubert Ouédraogo, Land Policy Initiative, UNECA

Dialogue Session: Tools and approaches to increasing supply-chain sustainability of land-based commodities: what works on paper and what works in practice?

Benno Pokorny, Freiburg University

Holger Hoff, Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI)

Maria Osbeck, SEI

Toby Gardner, SEI

Jan Borner, Bonn University

Dialogue Session: Building a knowledge and innovation platform on diffuse and point soil contamination as a base for (inter)national soil policies

Helaina Black, James Hutton Institute

Jana Plewa, Botanischer Salon, Germany

Co Molenaar, Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment, the Netherlands

Patricia Martins Bento,
Wageningen University

Yasmin Nazmy, University College London

Dialogue Session: Nexus governance Post-2015: towards collaborative implementation

L-R: Sirajul Islam, Bangladesh Rural Advancement Committee (BRAC); Fritz Holzwarth, Berlin Wasser e.V.; Manfred Konukiewitz, IASS

Sara Scherr, CEO, EcoAgriculture Partners

Jes Weigelt, Global Soil Forum Coordinator, IASS

Jos Brils, Deltares, the Netherlands

Opening of ONE HECTARE Installation

Global Soil Week Dinner


Funding for coverage of GSW 2015 has been provided by IASS Potsdam, GIZ, and BMZ
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