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Twenty Second Session of the Governing Council/Global Ministerial Environment Forum 
3-7 February 2003
Nairobi, Kenya 


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The 22nd Session of the UNEP Governing Council will meet in Nairobi, Kenya, from 3-7 February and will address outcomes of the World Summit on Sustainable Development, linkages among and support to environmental and environment-related conventions, contribution to future sessions of the Commission on Sustainable Development, and programme, the Environment Fund and adminsitrative and other budgetary matters. Ministerial Consultations will take place from Wednesday, 5 February to Friday, 7 February.

On Monday, 3 February, Plenary will convene to hear opening statements from several key speakers, elect officers, and adopt the agenda and the organization of work of the session. Delegates are then expected to take up the agenda item on emerging policy issues, with implementation of outcomes from the WSSD likely to prove the main area of discussion. For the afternoon session, the Plenary meeting will move to Conference Room 1. A Committee of the Whole (COW) is expected to convene to take up various policy-related issues, including the state of the environment and IEG. It is also expected to consider programmatic, budgetary and administrative matters. A reception hosted by UNEPs Executive Director and the Governing Council President is scheduled for 6:30-8:00 pm at a venue to be announced.

A number of other relevant meetings have taken place prior to this weeks Governing Council session. The Ad Hoc Meeting of Judges for the Development of a Plan of Work as a Follow-up to the recent Global Judges Symposium on Sustainable Development and the Role of Law took place in Nairobi from 30-31 January 2003. Participants worked on developing a detailed plan for capacity building of judiciaries and other legal stakeholders. An oral report of outcomes from both meetings will be presented to UNEP�s Governing Council this week.



The fourth Global Civil Society Forum took place from 1-2 February 2003 in Nairobi. The meeting consisted of a regional segment focusing onthe Environment Initiative of NEPAD, and a global segment on the role of civil society in implementing the outcomes of the WSSD. Recommendations will be presented to UNEP�s Governing Council this week. Delegates also met in regional groups on 2 February to discuss their input and positions for this week�s Governing Council session.


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