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Climate Change Policy & Practice

World Health Organization (WHO)
Conference on Health and Climate

27-29 August 2014 | Geneva, Switzerland

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Highlights for Thursday, 28 August 2014
Maria Neira, WHO, with Guto Galvao, Pan American Health Organization (left) and Chair Boyce, Minister of Health, Barbados, welcome delegates to the second day of the meeting.
WHO conference on health and climateThe WHO Conference on Health and Climate continued on Thursday with two, day-long parallel sessions on health resilience to climate change and on health promotion while mitigating climate change. The sessions largely focused on inter-sectoral work, and the role of, and needs within, the health sector. It also included presentations integrating health and climate change trends, areas for joint action and proposals for the way forward.

The day concluded with presentations on the economics of health and climate. Jeremy Oppenheim, New Climate Economy Project, reported that the cost from poor air quality due to high carbon emissions is up to 11% of GDP in China and is over 5% of GDP in the Russian Federation, India, Japan, Germany, Korea, Iran, and the UK.
A full room in the parallel session on promoting health while mitigating climate change.
Walt Vernon, Mazzetti/AHA/Sextant Foundation, comments on the potential of the health sector to contribute to climate change mitigation.
Participants fill the room in the parallel session on strengthening health resilience to climate change
The panel of speakers on strengthening health resilience to climate change meets with the session chair, Clarice Modeste, Minister of Health and Social Security, Grenada
Daily Web Updates (click on the following links to see our daily web pages)
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