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June 2001

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june 2001



Subregional Preparatory MEETINGS



Southern Cone
Santiago, Chile,  14 - 15 June Contact

Southern Cone Final Report

Central and Eastern Europe
Bucharest, Romania, 27 - 28 June Contact

CEE Outcome

Havana, Cuba, 28 - 29 June Contact

Caribbean Final Report

regional roundtables  



Europe and North America
Vail, Colorado, USA, 6 - 8 June Contact

Europe Roundtable Report
Press Release

Latin America and the Caribbean
Bridgeport, Barbados, 18 - 20 June Contact

LAC Roundtable Report
Press Release

Cairo, Egypt, 25 - 27 June Contact

Africa Roundtable Report

other preparatory MEETINGS  








Think Tank Meeting and Stavenger Forum for Rio + 10
Organized by The International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives (ICLEI)
Stavenger, Norway, 9 - 12 June Contact

Brief Outcome

North American Local Government Conference
Organized by the ICLEI
Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA, 20 - 22 June Contact


The Arctic Council Regional Conference on the Tenth Anniversary of the Arctic Environmental Protection Strategy
Organized by the
Arctic Council
Rovaniemi, Finnish Lapland, 11 June

Outcome of the Meeting

Preparation of the African Civil Society and NGOs to the World Summit on Sustainable Development

Cape Town, South Africa, 14 - 16 June Contact


Fifth Global Environmental Governance Dialogue
Organized by the World Conservation Union IUCN and Yale University

Gland, Switzerland, 20 - 22 June

IUCN Report

Sustainable Development: Fact or Dream 10 Years After the Rio Summit
Havana, Cuba, 17 – 24 June


Partnerships and Social Responsibility in the New Economy
Organized by the Copenhagen Centre
Copenhagen, Denmark, 27 - 29 June Contact


july 2001



Second Meeting of the Bureau
Geneva, 16 - 18 July 2001

Note on the Outcome of the Second Meeting of the Bureau

Subregional PreP MEETINGS



Andean Zone
Quito, Ecuador, 2 - 3 July 2001 Contact

Andean Zone Outcome

Meso-America Central America + Mexico
San Salvador, El Salvador, 17 - 18 July 2001 Contact

Meso-America Outcome

Northeast Asia
Beijing, China, 26- 28 July 2001 Contact

Northeast Asia Outcome
Prep meeting Outcome

Stakeholder's meeting Outcome

regional roundtables  


East Asia and the Pacific
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 9 - 11 July 2001 Contact

East Asia Pacific Final Report and Press Release

Central and South Asia
Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, 30 July - 1 August 2001 Contact

Central and S. Asia Final Report

other preparatory MEETINGS  

ECE Regional Consultative Meeting:
Geneva, 12 - 13 July 2001

Elements for a ministerial statement
Assessment report

august 2001


other preparatory MEETINGS  

National Stakeholder Consultations: Cameroon
Yaoundé, Cameroon, 22 August 2001


september 2001



Third Meeting of the Bureau
Held in conjunction with the Business Forum organized by Indonesia in collaboration with the WSSD Secretariat
Jakarta, 5 - 6 September 2001

Note on the Outcome of the Third Bureau Meeting

International Eminent Persons' Meeting on Inter-Linkages
Tokyo, Japan, 3 - 4 September 2001

Sustainable Development Coverage
UNU's Report

regional PreP MEETINGS

Europe and North America Regional Ministerial Meeting
Geneva, Switzerland, 24 - 25 September 2001 Contact

ENB's Coverage
ECE Ministerial Statement

Subregional PreP MEETINGS







South Pacific PrepCom
In conjunction with the South Pacific Regional Environment Programme Ministerial Governing Council Meeting
Apia, Samoa, 5 - 7 September 2001 Contact


Northern Africa
Tunis, Tunisia, 5 - 7 September 2001 Contact

Summary report - in French

East Africa
Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa COMESA and Inter-governmental Authority on Development
Djibouti, Djibouti, 17 - 19 September 2001 Contact


Central Africa
Economic Commission for Central African States meeting
Libreville, Gabon, 17 - 19 September 2001 Contact


South Africa
Southern African Development Community Meeting
Port Louis, Mauritius,  17 -18 September 2001 Contact

Summary report
Progress report

Central Asia
Almaty, Kazakhstan, 19 - 21 September 2001

Outcome Ministerial Statement
Link to outcome report

South Asia
Colombo, Sri Lanka, 27 - 29 September 2001


regional roundtables  

Western Asia Stakeholders Round Table Meeting
Bahrain, 23 - 25 September 2001


other preparatory MEETINGS  



What Earth Summit 2002 should be trying to achieve

Online debate organized by UNED Forum

Throughout September 2001

Debate Summaries

Youth Earth Summit, YES2001
Organized by Peace Child International

Baku, Azerbaijan, 2 - 9 September 2001 Contact

YES2001 Summary,

Action Statement

Business Forum
Organized by the government of Indonesia in collaboration with the WSSD Secretariat, as part of preparations for the Summit.
Jakarta, 3-5 September 2001

Press story

Accelerating Local Sustainability: Evaluating European Local Agenda 21 Processes
Organized by ICLEI
London, UK, 20 - 21 September 2001 Contact

Project findings, reports

Meeting for NGOs in the UNECE working towards the WSSD

Hosted by ANPED
Geneva, Switzerland, 22 - 23 September

NGO Statement

october 2001



Fourth Meeting of the Bureau
New York, 1-2 October 2001

Note on the Outcome of the 4th Bureau Meeting

regional PreP MEETINGS

Nairobi, Kenya, 15 - 18 October 2001 Contact

-- ENB coverage of Africa Regional Prep

-- African Ministerial Statement

-- Addendum to statement

-- African NGO statement

Latin America and the Caribbean:
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 23 - 24 October 2001 Contact

13th Meeting of the Forum of Ministers of Environment of LAC
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 21-23 October 2001

-- ENB coverage of LAC Regional Prep

-- Draft Report of 13th Meeting of Ministers

-- LAC Ministerial Platform for Action

West Asia:
Cairo, Egypt, 24 - 25 October 2001 Contact

ENB coverage of West Asia Regional Prep

Subregional PreP MEETINGS

West Africa: Economic Commission For West African States and Inter State Committee on Fight Against Drought in the Sahel
Abidjan, Côte d'Ivoire, 1 - 3 October 2001 Contact


Southeast Asia
Manila, Philippines, 17 - 19 October  2001

Link to outcome documents

other preparatory MEETINGS  


Reykjavik Conference on Responsible Fisheries
Reykjavik, Iceland, 1-4 October 2001

SD coverage and report

Business Action for Sustainable Development (BASD) Strategy Meeting
Paris, France, 9-10 October 2001

Press Releases: Oct 9, Oct 10


Meeting of Main Groups Networks of Latin America and the Caribbean

For NGOs in the Latin America and Caribbean region

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 18 - 20 October 2001


Rio+10 International Forum

For Private Sector in the LAC region

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 18 - 19 October 2001

OUTCOME Recommendations

5th Annual Conference of the International Environment Forum
Knowledge, Values and Education
for Sustainable Development

19 - 21 October 2001
Hluboka nad Vltavou, South Bohemia, Czech Republic


Asia-Pacific Forum of Environmental Journalists Annual Congress:

WSSD: the Role of the Media

Manila, Philippines, 22 - 26 October 2001


Special Session of the Joint Committee on Environment and Development in the Arab Region JCEDAR
Cairo, Egypt, 21 - 22 October Contact


Council of Arab Ministers Responsible for the Environment CAMRE Bureau Meeting
Cairo, Egypt: 23 October Contact


GLOBE Southern Africa First Parliamentary Conference
South African Parliament, Cape Town, 23 - 24 October 2001

This conference is the first event of GLOBE Southern Africa's Earth Summit Campaign. It will bring together about 80 parliamentarians throughout the Southern and East African region in a forum that will examine some of the most pertinent issues relating to the World Summit and Africa's role in it.

Press statement

Speech on Africa's priorities


Council of Arab Ministers Responsible for the Environment CAMRE Council Meeting
Cairo, Egypt, 24 - 25 October Contact


General Conference of the Third World Academy of Sciences

New Delhi, India, originally scheduled for 27 - 31 October has been postponed.


Regional Electronic Consultations
In preparation for the Southern NGO Summit
Online discussions, starting from 29 October 2001
For more information go to Other Prep Processes


Rethinking the industry-sustainable development challenge: How can industries be part of the solution to problems of sustainable development?'

Organized by LEAD

Online live panel, 30 October 2001


november 2001



Fifth Meeting of the Bureau
In conjunction with the 56th UNGASS
New York, 1 November 2001

Notes on outcome to 5th Bureau meeting

regional PreP MEETINGS

Asia and the Pacific:
Phnom Penh, Cambodia, 27 - 29  November 2001 Contact

-- ENB coverage of Asia and Pacific regional prep meeting

-- Link to Asia-Pacific Regional Platform for WSSD

other preparatory MEETINGS  



Global Forum for Sport and Environment

Nagano, Japan, 3 - 4 November 2001

At this Conference, there will be a review of the contributions of the Olympic Movement to the World Summit on Sustainable Development (WSSD), which will take place in Johannesburg in September 2002. Participants will also review the implementation of the Agenda 21 for Sport and Environment and environmental dimensions of  preparations for Olympic Games in Salt Lake City, Athens, Torino and Beijing. There will be discussions on the topic of environmental sustainability and sporting events.

Contact: Tore J. Brevik, email: 


International Forum on National Sustainable Development Strategies

Organized by UN Division of Sustainable Development

Accra, Ghana, 7 - 9 November 2001 Contact

SD Summary Report

WASTE Summit – Women Assessing the State of the Environment

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA, 9-10 November 2001

Summit participants will produce a U.S. women’s environmental action agenda, which includes a status report on U.S. progress since the Earth Summit 1992 and a set of policy recommendations for action.


Equity for a Small Planet: An International Forum on the WSSD 2002
Organized by IIED
London, 12 - 13 November 2001

SD coverage of event and Summary Report

International Scientific-Practical Forum of Young Scientists

The Sustainable Development Issues, View by the Young Generation. On the way to the World Summit Rio + 10.

Moscow 15-16 November 2001



PLANET’ERE 2 – International Forum on Environmental Education

Paris, France, 18-23 November 2001
Promoting environmental education at the WSSD

Contact: Michèle Dubromelle; tel: +33-1-4607-1721; e-mail:


Online Forum - The road to Johannesburg 2002 after 11 September  2001

19-24 November 2001

Jointly organized by Heinrich Boell Foundation and UNED Forum


2001 Asia Pacific Earth Charter Conference
Purpose: To promote awareness, acceptance and adoption of the Earth Charter in the Asia-Pacific Region. This conference will also contribute to the regions preparation for the Johannesburg Summit.
Brisbane, Australia, 29 November - 2 December 2001 Contact


december 2001


global preparations

Sixth Meeting of the Bureau

Washington, DC, 7 December 2001

Notes on the Outcome of the 6th Bureau Meeting

other preparatory MEETINGS  

Fourth Meeting of the Open-ended Intergovernmental Group of Ministers or their Representatives on International Environmental Governance

Montreal, Canada, 30 November - 1 December 2001

-- ENB coverage

-- ENB Summary report

International Conference on Freshwater

Water - a Key to Sustainable Development
Bonn, Germany, 3 - 7 December 2001

-- SD coverage of event, including images and real audio

-- SD summary report

Global Conference on Oceans and Coasts at Rio+10

- Assessing Progress, Addressing Continuing and New Challenges

Paris, France, 3 - 7 December 2001

-- SD coverage of event

-- SD summary report

january 2002




Seventh Meeting of the Bureau
New York, 14 January 2002


Bureau brainstorming sessions

To discuss the main thematic outcomes of regional preparatory processes with delegations in preparation for the second PrepCom.

New York, 16-17 January 2002

ENB Summary Report

NY meeting on IEG

UN Headquarters, New York, 25 January 2002

Working documents

ENB Summary report

WSSD PrepCom 2

UN Headquarters, New York, 28 January - 8 February 2002

-- ENB daily coverage of PrepCom II

-- ENB Summary Report

regional preparations


Singapore, 7-11 January 2002

For more information contact: UNDP Capacity 21; tel: +1-212-906-6121; fax: +1-212-906-5896; e-mail:

Singapore Declaration

other preparatory MEETINGS  

Mediterranean NGO Meeting

Nice, France, 11-12 January 2002

Mediterranean NGO Declaration

International Conference on Financing for Development - PrepCom 4

New York, 14 - 25, January 2002

press release

press release2

Meeting of Senior Officials and Ministers of Health

Johannesburg, South Africa, 19-22 January 2002

For information on Johannesburg Declaration on Health and Sustainable Development, contact

GEF High-Level Roundtable on Energy

UN Headquarters in New York, 29 - 30 January 2002


february 2002



other preparatory meetings  


Delhi Sustainable Development Summit 2002.
Ensuring Sustainable Livelihoods: Challenges for Governments, Corporates and Civil Society at Rio + 10
Organized by TERI
New Delhi, India, 9 - 11 February 2002

synopsis of proceedings

Final Meeting of the Open-ended Intergovernmental Group of Ministers or Their Representatives on International Environmental Governance

Cartagena, Colombia,  12 February 2002

Global Ministerial Environmental Forum (UNEP Governing Council)
Cartagena, Colombia, 13 - 15 February 2002

-- ENB daily coverage

-- ENB Summary Report

Copenhagen Round Table on Private Sector and Civil Society Contributions to Sustainable Development
Copenhagen, 20-21 February 2002
Hosted by Danish Government
The purpose of the event was 'to further a common understanding of the roles and contributions of the private sector and the civil society in bringing about sustainable development'. Representatives from governments, business, trade unions and NGOs addressed four themes:

· Good governance for sustainable development

· Private investment and trade for sustainable development

· Promoting transfer of sustainable technology in the energy and water sector

· How can the private sector and civil society contribute to the realization of a Global Deal?

IIED Background paper

IIED Report



Earth Dialogues:
Globalization and Sustainable Development - Is Ethics the Missing Link?

Organized by Green Cross International

Lyon, France, 21 - 23 February 2002

Contact: :; http://

Compilation of Roundtable Reports:
English - French

Local Agenda to Action - Building a Sustainable Future

Local Government International Preparatory Meeting organized by ICLEI

North Vancouver, Canada, 22 February - 1 March 2002 

For more information contact: Elena Lonero; e-mail:; Internet:

ICLEI Initiatives Report

march 2002





WSSD PrepCom 3

UN Headquarters, New York, 25 March - 5 April 2002
This meeting is expected to produce the first draft of a "review" document and elements of the future work programme of the CSD. Internet:

-- ENB daily coverage, including daily reports, photos, RealAudio recordings

other preparatory MEETINGS  

Population Environment Research Network (PERN) Statement for Earth Summit 2002.
1-15 March, cyberspace

PERN will be hosting a cyber seminar to review and critique the Statement on Population in Sustainable Development that has been prepared by the Global Science Panel. The aim of the Global Science Panel, an independent group of 30 distinguished scientists and policymakers, is to prepare a scientific assessment about the role of population in sustainable development strategies, in order to provide substantive input to the WSSD. To participate in the cyberseminar, SUBSCRIBE to the dedicated PERNSEMINARS list by sending an e-mail message to with the following text, 'subscribe pernseminars'


Sustaining Our Communities – International Local Agenda 21 Conference

Adelaide, Australia, 3-6 March 2002

This conference will provide a forum to discuss approaches to sustainable development and advise Australia's input to the Johannesburg Summit 2002. For more information visit:


GEF Roundtable on Forest s

New York, 11 March


World Bank/UNEP e-discussion on Creative Financing for Sustainable Development

11 March - 5 April 2002

To register for this discussion, kindly go to the following website for complete instructions on how to join:


UNEP FI Global Roundtable Meeting on Finance and Sustainability

Financing a Sustainable Future: Strategies, Partnerships, and Opportunities...on the way to Johannesburg 2002

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 14-15 March 2002


UNDP Roundtable on Capacity Development for Sustainable Development

Santa Cruz, Bolivia, 14-15 March 2002

News story

Southern NGO Summit

Algiers, Algeria, 16-17 March 2002

Algiers Declaration

GEF Ministerial Roundtable on Financing the Environment and Sustainable Development

Mexico, 17-18 March

Co-Chairs' Summary

International Conference on Financing for Development
Monterrey, Mexico, 18-22 March 2002


UNEP Global Youth Forum, GYF2002
Copenhagen, Denmark, 22-31 March 2002

Organized by UNEP and Hosted by Danish Organization - Nature and Youth (Natur og Ungdom), this forum will be a youth event leading up to the WSSD. It will build upon the Youth Conference on Environment and Sustainable Development that was held in Borgholm, Sweden from 23-27 May 2001.

Youth Declaration

GEF Land, Water, Food Security Roundtable

New York, 26 March

Background paper

Colloquium on ‘Global Partnerships for Sustainable Development: Harnessing Action for the 21st Century'

German House, 871 UN Plaza, New York, Sunday, March 24

Organized by Tata Energy and Resources Institute-North America in cooperation with The Heinrich Boell Foundation


WSSD, Globalization and the International Governance Agenda

Ottawa, Canada, 28 March 2002
IISD and Environment Canada are convening a workshop on the WSSD’s possible outcomes on globalization and international environmental governance. The workshop is a one-day event that will be held on Thursday, 28 March, and will take place in Ottawa.

The purpose of the workshop is to provide an informal setting for brainstorming and to gather input from Canadian stakeholders on what Canada might be doing to push progress on issues of international governance in advance of the WSSD. In particular, the focus will be on advancing the relationship of the regimes of international environmental and those for international economic governance, with an emphasis on the area of trade and investment.

If you are interested in attending this event and/or would like to receive additional information, please contact the Coordinator of the workshop, Isaak Pageot-LeBel, at 

Deadline for registration: Monday, 18 March 2002


US Youth Summit on Sustainable Development

New York , 29-31 March 2002

It is being held in preparation for the WSSD, to engage students and youth in the process.


april 2002



other preparatory MEETINGS


A Memorandum for the World Summit on Sustainable Development

Jo'burg Memo

Power to Transform: Sustainable Energy Strategies for the WSSD
CBI Conference Centre, London, UK, 10 April 2002


The Beijing Forum on New and Emerging Technologies and Sustainable Development

Beijing, China, 15-17 April 2002

Adopted Report

From Rio to Doha to Johannesburg
A Public Hearing Counterbalancing the WTO with Strong Environmental and Social Rules

European Parliament in Brussels, 17 April 2002

Organized by Friends of the Earth Europe and Heinrich Böll Foundation, the hearing hopes to address two specific cross-cutting issues of “Environmental Governance” and “Alternatives to Trade and Investment Liberalisation.” For more information contact: Friends of the Earth Europe; fax: +32-2-537-5596; e-mail:


On the Road to Johannesburg - Environment For Sustainable Development In Africa

Dakar, Senegal, 23-25 April 2002


Dakar Statement

11th International Conference on Health and the Environment

UNHQ New York, 25-26 April 2002

The theme this year is “Childhood Antecedents to Adult Illness.” Recommendations from the conference will be submitted to Governments for consideration at the Children's Summit in May 2002 and at the Johannesburg Summit. For more information contact: Christine Durbak, World Information Transfer; fax: +1-212-686-2172; e-mail:


Stakeholder Dialogue on Sustainable Water Management

Zurich, Switzerland, 25-26 April 2002

The conference is organized jointly by Swiss Re and IDC Rio (public-private partnership). Participants at the conference – water experts from different fields and politicians – will discuss priority measures for sustainable water management. The outcome of the conference will flow as input into PrepCom 4 and contribute to the negotiations for an international agenda to protect water resources at the WSSD.

SD summary report

UNDP Roundtable on Energy for Sustainable Development

Brussels, Belgium, 25-26 April 2002



African Forum for Envisioning Africa: Focus on NEPAD

Nairobi, Kenya, 26-29 April 2002

Organized by the Mazingira Institute, the African Academy of Sciences, and the Heinrich Boell Foundation

Executive Summary

may 2002




WSSD PrepCom 4

Bali, Indonesia

27 May - 7 June 2002;

ENB Coverage

ENB on the side coverage of side events

ENB Summary and Analysis

other preparatory MEETINGS


SD UK 2002 Conference
QEII Conference Centre, London, UK, 2 May 2002

It will explore sustainable development practice, policy and delivery, focusing on the UK's own sustainable development strategy, in the build up to the WSSD.

Conference Review

UNDP Roundtable on Vulnerability and Small Island Developing States: Exploring Mechanisms for Partnerships

Montego Bay, Jamaica, 9-10 May 2002

Final Report

Global Mining Initiative Conference  

Toronto, Canada, 12-15 May 2002

This high-level dialogue conference will allow leaders and stakeholders to actively engage in shaping the future direction of sustainable development relative to the mining, minerals and metals industries.

Conference Summary

Parliamentary Dialogue on Partnerships for Sustainable Development

GLOBE Southern Africa Second Parliamentary Conference ahead of the WSSD

Windhoek, Namibia, 13-14 May 2002

It will bring together about 80 parliamentarians and a host of different civil society organisations to consider the role of partnerships in taking forward the outcomes of the WSSD. We will examine existing partnerships in the region under the issues of Financing, Governance, Freshwater and Energy and identify positive elements and current barriers to their effectiveness. The intention is to come up with practical suggestions and recommendations that parliamentarians can implement in terms of removing legislative barriers that are currently impeding the optimal effectiveness of multi-stakeholder partnerships. GLOBE Southern Africa believes that this conference will also inform the debate on the Type 2 Outcomes of the WSSD. e-mail:

Windhoek Declaration

International Children's Conference on the Environment 2002

Hosted by Victoria, British Columbia in cooperation with UNEP

Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, May 21 - 25 2002

Web coverage with photographs


The IPF will be held concurrently with PrepCom IV from 25 May - 7 June 2001, in Bali, Indonesia. The IPF is a forum for local, regional, national, and international civil society, and a medium for national and international campaigns aimed at contributing inputs to strengthen the outcomes of PrepCom IV. For more information contact: IPF Secretariat; tel: +21-794-1672; fax: +21-794-1673; e-mail:


june 2002



other preparatory MEETINGS


GEF Roundtable to Examine Innovative Sources of Financing for Environment and Sustainable Development

Bali, Indonesia with PrepCom IV, 4 June 2002

Background paper

"Sharing the Planet" - Meeting on population, consumption and species

Groningen, The Netherlands, 12-14 June 2002

Groningen Manifesto - British behavioral scientist Jane Goodall will offer the manifesto to the world’s leaders convened at the WSSD.

Sustainable Justice 2002

Montreal, Canada, 13-15 June 2002

Organized by CISDL, this conference will convene the legal experts to address the implementation of international sustainable development law in preparation for the WSSD.


Rio+10 Brasil, Passing the Torch

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 23-27 June 2002

Rio is hosting an international seminar on the environment and promoting a symbolic ceremony ahead of the Johannesburg Summit.

Address by President Mbeki

The 2002 Business and Sustainability Conference: Getting There from Here: Aligning Environmental, Economic and Social Objectives with Corporate Strategy

New York, 26-27 June 2002


G-8 Summit

Kananaskis, Canada, 26-27June 2002

Chair's Summary

Africa Action Plan

Other Summit outcome documents

july 2002




Friends of Chair Meeting

New York, 17 July 2002

An informal group of "friends" will meet to work on the draft program of the WSSD. Approximately 20 governmental representatives will meet to come up with approaches to solve, but not negotiate, the unresolved issues in the draft programme of action.

ENS, Reuters, AP

other preparatory MEETINGS


Joint Meeting of African Health and Environment Ministers and Ninth Special Session of AMCEN

Kampala, Uganda, 1-5 July 2002


Hopes for Johannesburg? Internet debate

Internet, 15 July - 2 August 2002

The UK Government will be hosting a discussion on civil societies "Hopes for Johannesburg" as part of its preparations for the Summit. The debate will run from 15 July to 2 August to give participants an opportunity to exchange your hopes and fears for the Summit with other NGO's and members of civil society. A summary of the outcomes of the debate will be featured on the Government's WSSD site before the Summit to provide information for the public on why NGO's and other civil society groups, as well as the Government, feels WSSD is important.



This Forum will be held from 14-19 July 2002, in Geneva, Switzerland. It will promote cooperation between civil society and international organizations in, inter alia, environment, health, human rights, education, peace, security, and information technology. For more information, contact: The World Civil Society Forum; fax: +41-22-959-8851; e-mail:


UNDP Roundtable on Trade and Investment for Sustainable Development

Abuja, Nigeria, 18-19 July 2002


IUCN Partnerships Meeting

New York, 19 July 2002

Full Story


University College Utrecht, the Netherlands, 19 July – 12 August 2002

This is an international youth conference leading up to the WSSD. Youth between 16-25 years will discuss global issues with politicians, diplomats, academics, artists, singers and others. Participants will also have the opportunity to partake in community service projects, a Media programme and a Performing Arts programme. For more information contact: Jan Kozak, Program Director; tel: +31-20-422-2331; fax: +31-20-422-3831; e-mail:


Worldwatch Institute-sponsored seminar

Washington DC, 25 July 2002

UN Wire story

august 2002




UN University Leadership Academy's global course on Leadership for Environment and Human Security
Jordan and South Africa, 12-30 August 2002


Johannesburg Summit 2002 –

Johannesburg, South Africa

26 August - 4 September 2002


Ubuntu Village and Exhibition

Sandton, Johannesburg, South Africa, 10 August - 10 September 2002

A cultural hub with a window of opportunity for people from diverse cultures around the world to interact, share and showcase their unique cultural heritage and its impacts on sustainable development through entertainment and exhibition activities. It affords a unique opportunity for South Africa to showcase its own rich cultural heritage on the world map. Click here for more information:


IUCN Environment Centre
IUCN is providing a place where environment and development, business and NGOs, government and civil society can meet - both formally and informally.

Global Judges Symposium
Johannesburg, 18-20 August

UNEP is convening a Global Judges Symposium on Sustainable Development and the Role of Law in Johannesburg from 18 to 20 August 2002. The Symposium will be hosted by the Chief Justice of South Africa, Rt. Hon. Mr. Justice A. Chaskalson. Chief Justices and other senior judges from approximately 70 countries around the world, -both developing and developed - and representative of the different geographical regions and legal systems are participating in the Symposium. The overall objective of the Symposium is to foster a better-informed and more active judiciary advancing the rule of law in the area of sustainable development. This will be achieved through information sharing and increasing awareness, especially among judges from different regions of the world, and also through follow up activities especially in regard to capacity building of the Judiciary as well governmental and non-governmental stakeholders engaged in promoting the development, implementation and enforcement of environmental law. The outcome of the Symposium will be presented to the Johannesburg Summit. For more information, email:

International Youth Summit and African Youth Summit
Mogwase, 19-23 August

The South African Youth Council will host an African Youth Summit (15-19 August) and an International Youth Summit (19-23 August) at Mogwase in the North West Province of South Africa as part of preparations towards the Civil Society Global Forum. Over 3000 youth delegates from around the world are expected to participate in the International Youth Summit. For more information, send an email to: , or call (+27) 11-403 4110.

WSSD Civil Society Forum

NASREC, Johannesburg, South Africa, 19 August - 4 September 2002

The WSSD Civil Society Forum Indaba will be held the week before the WSSD Johannesburg, South Africa. For more information, contact: Civil Society Secretariat; tel: +27-11-403-4119; fax: +27-11-403-0790; e-mail:

International Indigenous Peoples’ Summit on Sustainable Development

Hoffe Park Conference Centre, 30 Birbeck Rd, Kimberly, South Africa, 20-23 August 2002

The main objective of this conference is to bring together indigenous peoples from all  parts of the world to share their perspectives on sustainable development and their contributions in achieving this. This will also allow indigenous peoples to identify the main obstacles to their effective participation in bringing about sustainable development. This International Summit will come out with a Kimberly Political Declaration of Indigenous Peoples and an Indigenous Peoples’ Plan of Action for Sustainable Development. For more information contact : Priscilla deWet-Fox: fax: 27-53-9276925; e-mail: or Vicky Tauli Corpuz: or

Seventh International Living Lakes Conference

Pretoria, South Africa, 20-25 August 2002

Organized by the Global Nature Fund, the conference will decide on a lake and water protection resolution to be presented at the WSSD.

Second South-South Biopiracy Summit

Sandton, Johannesburg, South Africa, 22 - 23 August 2002

"Biopiracy - Ten Years Post-Rio, " hosted by Biowatch South Africa, aims to raise awareness, enable information sharing, and build capacity on issues of access and benefit sharing and to facilitate the development of mutual strategies and statements for the WSSD. For more information contact: Adele Arendse, Biowatch South Africa; tel: +27-21-447-5939; fax: +27-21-447-5974; e-mail:

Envirolaw Conference 2002

Durban, South Africa, 22-25 August 2002

This conference will provide a platform for the international legal community to provide solutions and suggest mechanisms that will interlink international and regional treaties and conventions in order to improve their implementation and enforcement. It will also interact with the WSSD preparatory process. For more information contact: EnviroLaw Solutions; tel: +27-11-269-7944; fax: +27-11-269-7899; e-mail:

Implementation Conference
Johannesburg, South Africa, 24 - 26 August 2002

facilitated by Stakeholder Forum for Our Common Future (formerly UNED Forum)

Trade Union Summit

Preton Hotel, Johannesburg, 24 August – 1 September

Organized by the International Confederation of Free Trade Unions and partner trade unions in South Africa and internationally.

Sustainable Use and Preservation of the Amazon and Atlantic Rainforests in Brazil

Ubuntu Village, Johannesburg, 26 August 2002
Hosted by the World Bank
For more information contact: Anne-Kathrin Orth, Banco Mundial, Brasília, Pilot Program to Conserve the Brazilian Rain Forest, 

Women's Action Tent

26-30 August 2002

The women’s tent program includes a daily ‘report back’ from the UN meetings. There will be five themes/days: Peace and Human Rights, Globalization and Impoverishment, Environmental Security and Health, Access to and Control of Resources (Water, Energy, Land), and Governance. The Women's Action Tent aims to provide interactive, participatory, creative, and engaging activities ­ workshops rather than straight panel presentations. For general inquiries, please contact Cynthia at If anyone is interested to obtain a copy of the full schedule of the Women's Tent at the WSSD by e-mail, please contact Anjali at the ICDA Secretariat:

Forum on Science, Technology and Innovation for Sustainable Development

Ubuntu Village, Johannesburg, 26 August - 4 September 2002

The Forum on Science, Technology and Innovation for Sustainable Development is being organized by the South African Government, at the request of WSSD Secretary-General Nitin Desai, and in collaboration with a number of international partners. The objective of the event is to provide a platform for highlighting the critical contributions of science, technology and innovation to sustainable development.

Economy, Environment and Society: World Forum on Sustainable Development

Johannesburg, 27 - 28 August 2002
The main objective of this Forum is to contribute to the United Nations effort of ensuring the implementation of the Agenda 21.

For more information contact: International Research Foundation for Development; tel: +1-763-689-2963; fax: +1-763-689-0560; e-mail:

Local Government Session - Local Action Moves the World

Holiday Inn Crown Plaza Hotel, Sandton, Johannesburg, 27 - 30 August 2002

With the support of the UN and major international associations of local government authorities, ICLEI will be convening a forum centered on the unique ability of local government to achieve tangible improvements in global environmental and sustainable development conditions through cumulative local action.

Water Dome – No water, no Future

Northgate, Johannesburg, 28 August - 3 September 2002

The main objective of the WaterDome is to create water awareness by organizing a dialogue between stakeholders at the Dome, located in Northgate, Johannesburg - to be temporarily re-named the WaterDome. From 28 August - 3 September 2002, parallel to the World Summit, stakeholders from public and private organizations in the water sector will get the opportunity to launch and exhibit their water-related activities, policies, initiatives, new technologies, products etc.

Aspiration and Reality: Building Sustainability
Indaba Hotel,
Johannesburg, South Africa, 29 - 30 August 2002
The objective of this conference to set an agenda that brings about greater opportunities for sustainable development in the future. This will be achieved by: promoting the sustainable development success stories presented at the conference; strengthening the partnership between policy makers and practitioners; developing practical steps and toolkits; gaining sign-up to and presentation of a Charter before the Heads of State meeting on 2 September. For more information contact:
tel:+44-0-20-7695-1568; e-mail:

Parliamentary Workshop on Clean Air and Clean Water 

Summer Place Hotel, Johannesburg, 29 - 30 August 2002. 

Parliamentarians for Global Action Parliamentary Workshop on Clean Air and Clean Water will convene Members of Parliament from over 100 countries with leading environmental experts, NGOs, and business leaders to highlight the success of legislation to reduce air and water pollution and illustrate the potential to implement similar acts internationally. For more information contact: Katie Tell; tel: +1-212-687-7755 Ext.102; fax: +1-212-687-8409; e-mail:; Internet:

IUCN�s Business Day

IUCN Environment Centre, 135 Rivonia Road, Sandton, Johannesburg,  31 August 2002
The IUCN Business Day � which will take place on Saturday 31 August � will profile over 45 IUCN Business Initiatives � those of the IUCN secretariat, members and commissions as well as private sector initiatives which support biodiversity and sustainability. The Business Day will be structured around Dialogues (roundtables focusing on business, biodiversity and sustainability), Briefings (highlighting business and biodiversity initiatives) and Opportunities (announcing new partnerships and publications). Click here for more information:

LEKGOTLA - Business Day

Business Action and Partnerships for Sustainable Development

1 September 2002, Johannesburg, South Africa

BASD will host a high profile business day during the Summit to discuss initiatives and partnerships towards sustainable development. This one-day event is organized into four plenary sessions, which will include keynote addresses and panel sessions with open audience participation. Each panel discussion will address a different sustainable development theme.

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