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Summary Report
IISD Reporting Services (IISD RS) has produced a summary report from this meeting on Monday, 28 September 2009. To download it please click below on the HTML or PDF icons.
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UNDP-Regional Bureau for Latin America and the Caribbean Regional Initiative. Biodiversity and Ecosystems Stakeholder Consultations Report.

24-25 September 2009 | Lima, Peru

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Regional Programme for Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) held a consultation in Lima, Peru on 24-25 September as part of a regional initiative entitled “Biodiversity and Ecosystems: Why these are Important for Sustained Growth and Equity in Latin America and the Caribbean” (the Initiative) to prepare a report on the role of biodiversity in wealth generation and support of wellbeing in the region. The first of this series of consultations took place in Mexico City, Mexico on 13-14 August and similar consultations are slated for: Colombia, on 29-30 October 2009; Ecuador; Central America (in Guatemala); Venezuela; Brazil; and another for the Caribbean nations, the venue of which is to be agreed. Each seeks the inputs of national experts and stakeholders.

The Peruvian consultation included participants from: government entities; conservation groups; the academic community; organizations representing Peru’s regions; indigenous communities; and associations and companies representing the forestry, finance, hydrocarbon, fishery and ecological product sectors. On 24 September, participants heard morning plenary presentations on the Initiative and the national context, and in the afternoon they broke out into two working groups to discuss emblematic Peruvian policies, identify key sectors for promoting investment in biodiversity and ecosystem services and any existing barriers to such investments, and propose ideas for financing biodiversity and ecosystem service projects. Working groups resumed their deliberations on 25 September by first discussing insights from two case studies involving other countries, followed by recommendations for key messages and arguments the regional report should reflect and strategies to ensure its effective dissemination and follow-up. In the closing plenary session participants discussed a summary of the consultation’s inputs to the regional report. More.

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