18th Session of the Subsidiary Bodies  
Bonn, June 4 - 13, 2003

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This afternoon's SBI plenary meeting



SB-18 Highlights, Friday, June 6th

Delegates to the Eighteenth Sessions of the UNFCCC Subsidiary Bodies (SB-18) continued deliberations Friday, convening in a number of contact and informal groups, and meetings of the SBI and SBSTA.


In the morning, the SBSTA addressed cooperation with relevant international organizations and issues relating to the implementation of Protocol Article 2.3 (adverse effects of policies and measures). The SBSTA also dicussed other matters, including issues relating to cleaner or less greenhouse-gas-emitting energy. On this item, CANADA, supported by the RUSSIAN FEDERATION and opposed by the EU and G-77/CHINA, requested that SBSTA conclusions take note of its proposal for a study on the role of trade in cleaner energy in meeting the objectives of the Convention and the Protocol. Chair Thorgeirsson said he would hold informal consultations and prepare conclusions on this issue.

India makes an intervention

Delegates from Saudi Arabia (left) consult with Kuwait

Delegates from Nigeria

Delegates from Japan

Harlan Watson and Trig Tally, US


Listen to:






Janos Pastor, Sustainable Development Coordinator (left), and SBI Chair Daniela Stoycheva (center) with other members of the Secretariat



Body for Implementation




The SBI met in the afternoon to take up, among other things: non-Annex I financial matters; capacity building; UNFCC Article 6 (education, training and public awareness); national communications; and a request by a group of countries of Central Asia and the Caucasus, Albania and the Republic of Moldova (CACAM) regarding their status under the UNFCCC.

On capacity building, listen to:

David Drake, Canada, intervenes on capacity building


Regarding Article 6 of the Convention, Jean Pascal van Ypersele (Belgium) reported on the UNECE regional workshop, which resulted in recommendations on six key areas on the implementation of Article 6 at national and international levels, including formal and non-formal education on climate change and the need for public awareness. Listen to:


Listen to the The Secretariat present the synthesis report on the third national communications of Annex I Parties.(in French)

Delegates from Estonia

Imran Ahmad, Pakistan on behalf
of the G77/China


Contact groups were held on: the programme budget for the biennium 2004-2005; implementation of UNFCCC Article 4.8 and 4.9 (adverse effects); Protocol Articles 5 (methodological issues), 7 (communication of information) and 8 (review of information); the IPCC TAR; research and systematic observation (R&SO); policies and measures (P&Ms); and capacity building.

Contact Group on implementation of Article 4.8 and 4.9 of the Convention:
Co-Chairs Robert Mason, UK, and Fadhel Lari, Kuwait, and Youssef Nassef, Secretariat

Programme Budget Group:
This contact group, chaired by John Ashe (Antigua and Barbuda), presented a draft COP-9 decision containing three options on the draft programme budget and indicative scales for UNFCCC and Protocol activities.


Programme Budget Contact Group Chair John Ashe (center) with Asfaha Beyene, Secretariat (left), and Joke Waller-Hunter, Executive Secretary of the UNFCCC (right)

David Warrilow (UK) and Walid Al-Malik (United Arab Emirates)

Contact Group on the Third Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change:

Participants were presented with draft conclusions proposed by the Chair and with elements for a draft decision. Delegates agreed that they needed time to consider the documents and requested the Co-Chairs to provide an overview of the documents. Co-Chair Walid Al-Malik adjourned the meeting.


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