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Vth IUCN World Parks Congress

Durban, South Africa | 8-17 September 2003

Friday, 12 September

Participants at the Vth IUCN World Parks Congress (WPC) met in seven workshop streams to address: linkages in the landscape and seascape; building broader support for protected areas (PAs); PA governance; developing the capacity to manage PAs; evaluating management effectiveness; building a secure financial future; and building comprehensive PA systems. All workshop streams held concurrent break-out sessions throughout the day. Side meetings, special events and discussion groups on WPC recommendations were also held.

Images from the World Parks Congress

Community Parks Events: Community Cyclists from Great Limpopo Trans-Frontier Park Presentation

Workshop Stream Plenary on Building a Secure Financial Future and Workshop Stream Plenary on Linkages in the Landscape and Seascape

Developing Capacity to Manage Protected Areas Stream: Breakout group on developing capacity for site level planning, management and monitoring, including stakeholder participation: Paul ButlerRARE Center for Tropical Conservation (left) and Moses Mapesa, Uganda Wildlife Authority (center); and Russell Mittermeier, Conservation International

Linkages in the Landscape and Seascape Stream: Breakout group on benefits of MPA networks for fisheries and endangered species: experiences and innovation in scaling up to build networks (left) and crafts sold in the exhibition center (right)
Integrating Development and Conservation side event sponsored by GTZ: Cultural Diversity: Indigenous' participation: Diversity vs. Uniformity
Conservation and Incentive Agreements: Helen Gichohi, Africa Wildlife Foundation, Nairobi, Kenya, gives a presenation on Direct Payments as a Mechanism
for Ecosystem Level Conservation: The Kitengela Wildlife Lease Program, and the Breakout session under Building a Secure Financial Future, on Forging Effective Partnerships with oil and gas companies for protected area conservation
Book Launch: Linkages in the Landscape: The Role of Corridors and Connectivity in Wildlife Conservation, published by the IUCN Forest Conservation Programme (left) and delegates peruse the pamphlets at the tables in the corridors




Press Conference: How much money do we need to protect protected areas?

World Parks Congress
Programme for the World Parks Congress
Workshop Streams and Cross-cutting Themes

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