Fifth Meeting of the Open-ended Informal Consultative Process on Oceans and the Law
of the Sea

United Nations Headquarters, New York | 7- 11 June 2004



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Highlights for Friday 11 June 2004

Delegates to the fifth meeting of the UN Informal Consultative Process on Oceans and the Law of the Sea convened a brief final session of the International Workshop on a global reporting and assessment of the state of the marine environment, including socioeconomic aspects (GMA International Workshop) to adopt the Workshop’s conclusions. Delegates agreed to recommend to the UN General Assembly the establishment of a task force to initiate the next stage of preparatory work necessary for the formal GMA.

Above photo: Delegates from G77/China form a huddle to talk about the GMA with Co-Chair Philip Burgess (Australia).



Above photo L-R: Vladimir Golitsyn (DOALOS),  Co-Chair Felipe Paolillo (Uruguay), and Co-Chair Philip Burgess (Australia)

Following the GMA International Workshop, delegates held the final session of the plenary of the Consultative Process to hear remaining statements on areas of concern and actions needed, and adopt the meeting’s suggested recommendations to the UN General Assembly for consideration at its 59th session under the agenda item “Oceans and the Law of the sea.”


Darryl Li
(Human Rights Watch), stated that lax flag state control allows vessel owners to engage into illegal activities that lead to human rights violations 

Jean-François Pulvenis de Séligny Maurel (FAO),  recognized the importance and the urgency to address the sustainable management of deep sea fisheries


Above photos: Throughout the day delegates can be seen in huddles to get consensus on text on the GMA and global moratorium on bottom trawling in areas beyond national jurisdiction.

The suggested recommendations address: cooperation and coordination on ocean issues; the conservation and management of marine biodiversity in areas beyond national jurisdiction, including ; marine scientific research; and issues raised at previous meetings, including flag State implementation and maritime security. Delegates could not agree on a global moratorium on bottom trawling in areas beyond national jurisdiction. Photos below (clockwise): Holger Martinsen (Argentina), Lori Ridgeway (Canada), Carlos Fernando Diaz (Costa Rica), Dellan Smyth (Ireland), Hossein Moeini (Iran) and Stepan Kuzmenkov (Russian Federation)

Above photo: DOALOS staff members Gabriele-Goettsche-Wanli, Valentina Germani and Luigi Santosuosso.

Above photo: Patricio Bernal (UNESCO/IOC) (center) posing with the Chilean delegation

Above photo: Spanish delegates during the break before the closing of the meeting. Above photo: Alfonso Ascencio (Mexico) in a light conversation with delegates from Chile

Co-Chair Philip Burgess (Australia) expressed its mixed feelings regarding the outcomes of the meeting, noting that the issue of marine biodiversity beyond national jurisdiction is a very serious issue. He gavelled the meeting to a close at 10:40 pm.

Above photo L-R: Akima Umezawa (Japan) congratulates Co-Chair Philip Burgess (Australia) at the conclusion of the meeting.

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