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Summary report
Tuesday, 24 March 2009
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Eighteenth meeting of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna
and Flora (CITES) Plants Committee

17-21 March 2009 | Buenos Aires, Argentina

Daily Highlights, Wednesday 18 March 2009
Pontificia Universidad Católica Argentina, on the banks of Río de la Plata, was the venue of PC18.
Tuesday 17 Mar. - Wednesday 18 Mar. - Thursday 19 Mar. - Friday 20 Mar. - Saturday 21 Mar.
PC18 participants met in 13 working groups throughout the day. The working groups discussed draft recommendations for the consideration of the PC, including on: the modus operandi for the terms of reference for the evaluation of the RST; removal of Welwitschia mirabilis and some Euphorbia spp. from Appendix II; using Pericopsis elata and Prunus africana as case studies for the evaluation of the RST; and identifying principles and further developing criteria and indicators to perform NDFs.

The working group on RST deferred some discussions to plenary, including on the proposed removal of bigleaf mahogany in Peru from the RST, and WWF and TRAFFIC’s proposal to re-enter Aquilaria and Gyrinops species into the RST in light of Indonesia’s large increase in published export quotas for 2009. The working group on cedar heard presentations on measures to support sustainable harvesting and agreed that Cedrela odorata does not merit an Appendix II listing at this stage.
L-R: Adam Kurz (Czech Republic); Lucy Garret (UK); and Noel McGough (UK) enjoying the afternoon coffee break.
Co-chairs of Working Group 4 on annotations. L-R: Robert Gabel (North America) and Hesiquio Benítez (Mexico) discuss the merger and amendment of annotations for Orchidaceae and Cactaceae.
Central and South America and the Caribbean representative, Mariana Mites (Ecuador)
The Argentine organizers of PC18. L-R: Luis Arenas; Maria Tonelli; and Soledad Bleta
The Working Group on periodic review discusses possible guidelines for the periodic review of the Appendices.
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