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Summary report
Monday, 21 July 2008
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Fifty-seventh meeting of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) Standing Committee

14-18 July 2008 | Geneva, Switzerland

Highlights for Tuesday, 15 July 2008
On Tuesday, delegates to the 57th meeting of the CITES Standing Committee (SC57) met in plenary to continue discussing issues, including: CITES and livelihoods; cooperation with the Convention on the Conservation of Migratory Species of Wild Animals (CMS); Finance and Budget Subcommittee; Rhinoceroses trade and conservation; and control of trade in elephant ivory.
Daily highlights
Monday, 14 July - Tuesday, 15 July - Wednesday, 16 July - Thursday, 17 July - Friday, 18 July

John Sellar, CITES Secretariat, emphasizes the highly organized nature of rhinoceros poaching and illicit trade.
Rosalind Reeve, David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation, recommends linking the proposed rhinoceros enforcement task force with existing wildlife law enforcement groups.
S.C. Dey, Global Tiger Forum, notes the need to include regional variation, and the levels of local populations’ dependency on natural resources in the CITES livelihood discussion.
Bill Clark, Israel, says legal trade would increase ivory demand and poaching.
Will Travers, Species Survival Network (SSN), stresses that accepting China as an importing partner would likely cause Japan and China to make competitive bids for ivory piles, thereby inflating prices, motivating elephant poaching, and increasing smuggling in some Asian and African countries.
Meng Xialin, China, thanks SC for approving the Secretariat's recommendation to designate China as a trading partner for elephant ivory, and underscores that China would continue to promote enforcement activities, combat illegal trade and cooperate with other parties.
L-R: Dena Cator, IUCN, Jane Smart, IUCN, and Holly Dublin, IUCN listen to discussions regarding the proposed terms of reference for the SC Finance and Budget Subcommittee in morning plenary.
L-R: Mercedes Lasso Liceras, Spain, and Teresa Zapatero Martínez, Spain, consult regarding the morning's discussions on CITES and Livelihoods.
L-R: Plants Committee Chair Margarita Clemente, Spain, and Juan Carlos Vásquez, CITES Secretariat, prepare for the day’s events.
Daily highlights
Monday, 14 July - Tuesday, 15 July - Wednesday, 16 July - Thursday, 17 July - Friday, 18 July

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