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Monday, 21 July 2008
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Fifty-seventh meeting of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) Standing Committee

14-18 July 2008 | Geneva, Switzerland

Highlights for Wednesday, 16 July 2008
On Wednesday, delegates to the 57th meeting of the CITES Standing Committee (SC57) considered the following issues: CITES Strategic Vision; national wildlife trade policy reviews; introduction from the sea; electronic permitting; trade in crocodilian specimens; review of significant trade; African elephant action plan and African Elephant Fund; decision-making mechanism for authorizing ivory trade; and constitution of the Monitoring of Illegal Trade and Killing of Elephants-Elephant Trade Information System Programme (MIKE-ETIS) subgroup.
Daily highlights
Monday, 14 July - Tuesday, 15 July - Wednesday, 16 July - Thursday, 17 July - Friday, 18 July

Alfred Oteng-Yeboah, Ghana, suggests the two ivory trading partners use their influence at the Global Environment Facility council to request special funds for elephants.
Pascal Ngoy-Taki, Democratic Republic of Congo, listens to plenary discussion on the Strategic Vision.
Roddy Gabel, US, volunteers  to chair the working group on trade in crocodilian specimens.
Patrick Omondi, Kenya, supports the initiation of a study on a decision-making mechanism for authorizing ivory trade.
Steven Broad, TRAFFIC, pledges continued collaboration on wildlife trade policy reviews on behalf of his organization and WWF.
Juan Carlos Vásquez, CITES Secretariat, underscores India’s point that national wildlife policy reviews are a voluntary process and emphasizes that they are not linked to compliance procedures.
Daily highlights
Monday, 14 July - Tuesday, 15 July - Wednesday, 16 July - Thursday, 17 July - Friday, 18 July

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