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         CLI Suriname

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Thursday 11
Friday 12 & Summary



Country-Led Initiative on Financing for Sustainable Forest Management in support of the UN Forum on Forests 

8-12 September 2008 | Paramaribo, Suriname


Highlights for Thursday, 11 September 2008

On Thursday, 11 September 2008, the Country-Led Initiative (CLI) on Financing for Sustainable Forest Management (SFM) in support of the UN Forum on Forests (UNFF) convened in Paramaribo, Suriname to continue their discussions. In the morning, participants heard presentations on national institutional and governance strategies for increasing financing for SFM, then discussed this theme in breakout groups. In the afternoon, they heard presentations on international institutional and governance strategies, followed by another session of breakout group discussions. Participants then reconvened in plenary to hear the breakout group co-chairs' reports.

Above photo: John Hudson presenting the day's report of Breakout Group 3. 



Above photos L-R:View of the morning plenary; plenary co-chairs Stephanie Caswell (US) and Anette Tjon Sie Fat (Suriname).

Sheila Bhairo-Marhé, Suriname Case Study Team, presented on financial mechanisms for SFM in Suriname, including from formal and informal sources. Michael Richards, Forest Trends, presented case studies from Uganda and Peru demonstrating a portfolio approach to forest financing. Dorjee Sun, Carbon Conservation, Australia, presented on enabling policies for investment in forest carbon. 

Delegates of the three breakout groups were asked to suggest the highest priority national actions to mobilize significant new SFM financing, and identify key challenges to taking those actions.
Breakout group 1:

Elise Haber (South Africa) and Glen Kile (Australia) Breakout group 1 session involving role play on SFM financing.


Breakout group 2:

L-R: Breakout Group Facilitator, Rezal Kusumaatmadja with Co-Chairs Carlos Gonzalez (Mexico) and Stefanie von Scheliha (Germany)  Breakout group 2 in session. 

Breakout group 3:

Breakout Group Facilitator, Jag Maini briefing participants regarding the role-playing session on SFM financing.  Breakout group participants sharing experiences and lessons learned regarding SFM financing.


Andrea Kutter, Global Environment Facility, described the changing international architecture for environmental financing and its implications for forests. She noted that over 20 new funding mechanisms have emerged in the past year. Letchumanan Ramatha, Malaysian Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, presented the South East Asian region's perspectives on SFM financing on behalf of Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) Max Ooft, Association of Indigenous Village leaders (VIDS), Suriname, said that indigenous perspectives on forest financing have not been included thus far. He said it is no coincidence that remaining intact diverse forests are inhabited by indigenous people.

L-R: M.P. Jong Tjien Fa, Minister, Ministry of Physical Planning, Land and Forest Management and Henry McDonald, Suriname Ambassador to the United Nations and CLI Suriname Secretariat Alexis Lapiz (Philippines) Mahendra Joshi, UNFF 


L-R: Rezal Kusumaatmadja and Dharsono Hartono (Starling Resources) L-R: Daniella Brichta and Marco Conde (Brazil) Tomas Krejzar (Czech Republic)

Carlos Aragon, Amazon Cooperation Treaty Organization (ACTO) in conversation with Jag Maini, University of Toronto. Batoum Themotio, Cameroon L-R: Charles Barber and Sandy Cantler (US)

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