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Tuesday 9
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Country-Led Initiative on Financing for Sustainable Forest Management in support of the UN Forum on Forests 

8-12 September 2008 | Paramaribo, Suriname


Highlights for Tuesday, 9 September 2008

On Tuesday, 9 September 2008, the Country-Led Initiative (CLI) on Financing for Sustainable Forest Management (SFM) in support of the UN Forum on Forests (UNFF) convened in Paramaribo, Suriname for the second day of discussions. In the morning, participants heard reports from the co-chairs of breakout groups from the day before, and presentations on financing from forest ecosystem services. In the afternoon, they discussed the day's presentations in three breakout groups, which then reported back to plenary.

Above photo: Co-Chair Cornelis Pigot (Suriname), informed delegates that daily proceedings of the meeting are being covered by ENB.  


Above photo L-R: The dais during plenary with Niermala Hindori-Badrising (CLI Suriname Secretariat), Co-Chair Cornelis Pigot (Suriname) and Co-Chair Hans Hoogeveen (the Netherlands).

Elise Haber, South Africa  Stefanie von Scheliha, Germany John Hudson, United Kingdom

The co-chairs of the previous day's breakout groups, Elise Haber, South Africa, Stefanie von Scheliha, Germany, and John Hudson, United Kingdom,  reported to plenary on their respective groups' deliberations. They highlighted, inter alia, discussions on payments for reducing emissions from deforestation and forest degradation (REDD), noting that participants considered it an important potential financing mechanism, but not the only one, as it excludes some countries and focuses on one of many services provided by SFM. 


Claudio Maretti, WWF-Brazil, presented on Brazilian perspectives of carbon compensation for the protection of the Amazon rainforest.  Simon Petley, Enviromarket, UK, provided an overview of capital markets available for forest financing. He noted that at US$455 billion per annum, this represents ten times the amount of overseas development assistance (ODA) currently assigned to forests. Carlos Manuel Rodriguez, Conservation International, presented on creating an enabling policy environment to mobilize financing from forest ecosystem services.

Rezal Kusumaatmadja, Starling Resources, presented on executing an ecosystem restoration concession in the peat forests of Indonesian Borneo. Stressing their importance as a carbon sink, he lamented that due to land use change these forests are being lost and consequently carbon emissions are increasing. Doris Cordero, IUCN, discussed lessons learned regarding payment for environmental services in the Northern Andes, emphasizing the importance of considering differences in social, legal, and institutional contexts. She lamented that there is an overall lack of understanding regarding the impacts of land use change on local quantity and quality of water.

Each of the three breakout groups addressed the following issues: policy, institutional and legal frameworks needed for effective realization of PES; mechanisms to utilize PES effectively towards SFM and societal well-being; sensitivity and responsiveness of current financial institutions and capital markets to support SFM; cross-border protected areas; and availability of information.


Participants asked for more information on practical demonstrations of PES, while others questioned the replicability of currently successful PES mechanisms in varying contexts. They agreed that a "one size fits all" model is not realistic, noting that a portfolio approach recognizes the different needs and capacity of countries.
Above photos L-R: Breakout co-chairs, Elise Haber (South Africa) and Glen Kile (Australia); participants from the breakout group in a lively discussion.


Focusing on how to create enabling environments for PES mechanisms, delegates discussed the need to clarify land tenure and create good business environments in order to encourage the establishment and financing for PES, with particular reference to specific and focused legal frameworks. They also noted the need to acknowledge the uniqueness of each country and situation. Participants stressed that PES should not focus solely on carbon payments but on other ecosystem services to allow mechanisms to be more inclusive. 
Above photos L-R: Participants discussing issues on PES; Breakout Group Facilitator, Rezal Kusumaatmadja with Co-Chairs Stefanie von Scheliha (Germany) and Carlos Gonzalez (Mexico)


Discussions in this group focused on the level at which payment for environmental services are bought and sold. Some participants supported the notion that local communities should determine which services are sold, for how much, and to whom.
Above photos L-R: Participants exchanging ideas on PES; Co-Chairs John Hudson (United Kingdom) and S.P. Yadev (India)


Glen Kile (Australia) S.P. Yadav (India) Carlos Gonzalez (Mexico)

Following reports from the breakout group co-chairs, Glen Kile (Australia), Carlos Gonzalez Vicente (Mexico), S.P. Yadav (India), CLI Co-Chair Cornelis Pigot (Suriname) concluded the sessions with some reflections on the first two days' events, including that the discussions within the breakout groups are increasing participants' awareness of forest finance challenges, and that this will contribute to a successful outcome at UNFF 8.


L-R: Jan McAlpine (US), Stephanie Caswell (US) and Peter Csoka (UNFF) José Luis Sutera (Argentina) Henry MacDonald, Suriname Ambassador to the United Nations and CLI Suriname Secretariat

Jag Maini, Adjunct Professor, University of Toronto L-R: Markku Aho and Taina Veltheim (Finland) James Singh (Guyana)

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