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Country-Led Initiative on Financing for Sustainable Forest Management in support of the UN Forum on Forests 

8-12 September 2008 | Paramaribo, Suriname


Highlights for Monday, 8 September 2008

On Monday, 8 September 2008, participants representing governments, inter-governmental and non-governmental organizations convened in Paramaribo, Suriname for the first day of the Country-Led Initiative (CLI) on Financing for Sustainable Forest Management (SFM) in support of the UN Forum on Forests (UNFF). In the morning, participants heard opening addresses and presentations providing an overview of SFM financing. In the afternoon, they listened to presentations on producer, consumer and community perspectives, and met in three breakout groups. 

Above photo:
Runaldo Ronald Venetiaan, President of Suriname welcoming Stephanie Caswell, US, CLI Co-Organizer.

 Opening Plenary:

Ewald Limon, Suriname, CLI Task Force, welcomed participants and expressed hope that the CLI will set the stage for the commitment of new and additional resources to enable SFM. Hans Hoogeveen, the Netherlands, UNFF 7 Chair and CLI Co-Organizer, identified challenges and opportunities within SFM, including improving the lives of forest peoples and reversing climate change. Stephanie Caswell, US, CLI Co-Organizer, noted the importance of CLIs within UNFF. She said that the Non-Legally Binding Instrument on All Types of Forests (NLBI) is a landmark agreement that provides a framework for cooperation on SFM, and that its implementation will require increased funding and good governance.

Boen Purnama, Indonesia, UNFF 8 Chair, stressed the need for continued commitment from stakeholders to achieving the four Global Objectives on Forests.
Runaldo Ronald Venetiaan, President of Suriname, noted the steps undertaken by Suriname to protect its forests, including legislation for protected areas and forest sustainability.

L-R: Bharrat Jagdeo, President of Guyana; Runaldo Ronald Venetiaan, President of Suriname, and Ramdien Sardjoe, Vice President of Suriname. L-R: Boen Purnama, Indonesia and Ramdien Sardjoe, Vice President of Suriname. L-R: Carlos Gonzalez Vicente, Mexico; Markku Simula, Advisory Group on Finance of the CPF; Jan McAlpine, US and Charas  Mayura, International Tropical Timber Organization (ITTO)

Russell Mittermeier, Conservation International (CI), described CI’s conservation priority setting mechanisms using irreplaceable biodiversity hotspots and largely intact high biodiversity wilderness areas, noting that sustainable use activities will differ in either category. Michael Jenkins, Forest Trends, described the change in forest threats and opportunities over time, and noted that forests present a nexus between climate, communities and conservation. Tiina Vahanen, UN Food and Agriculture Organization, presenting on the Collaborative Partnerships on Forests (CPF) background analysis of the NLBI.

Markku Simula, Advisory Group on Finance of the CPF, presented the results of a study on the external financial flows for SFM in developing countries. Presenting on new and emerging World Bank initiatives on forest finance, Gerhard Dieterle, World Bank, noted that new funding opportunities available include: forests being included in the climate change agenda, particularly the Bali Roadmap; private sector investment in forests; and significant new ODA financing. On the issues and opportunities for financing forestry in Latin America and the Caribbean, Dora Currea, Inter-American Development Bank, highlighted that climate change provides new opportunities for direct financing.

Bharrat Jagdeo, President of Guyana, lamented that SFM financing must be substantially increased as it has yet to match political commitments. He noted that forests must be part of any development strategy, and that ultimately forests will be cut down as long as it is more profitable than keeping them standing.


Amha Bin Buang, ITTO, gave an overview of ITTO’s financing of sustainable tropical forest management, noting that between 1988 to 1996, US$129 million was granted to various projects in tropical timber producing countries. On community forestry and financing, Yati Bun, Foundation for People and Community Development, Papua New Guinea, stressed that capacity building was a large challenge for SFM. Linda Mossop-Rousseau, South African Forestry Company Limited and African Forest Forum, presented on the financial challenges facing forest product producers in South Africa .


Three breakout groups met to discuss country experiences with: the changes, threats and opportunities within the forestry sector; financing mechanisms for SFM; the role of forestry in climate change mitigation and adaptation; and the linking of global and local funding initiatives.
Participants reflected on challenges faced by their countries, including lack of an adequate institutional framework and good environmental governance, diverse interests among government ministries, land use competition, forest degradation, lack of domestic action to address adaptation, and illegal mining. Several participants remarked on the need for policy coherence, among the various agencies involved in international forest policy, and also among different ministries at the domestic level. Focusing on financing mechanisms for SFM practices, participants discussed the need to mobilize resources across all sectors within a country to ensure that resources are effectively used.

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