Twelfth Session of the Commission on Sustainable Development (CSD-12)
United Nations Headquarters, New York | 19-30 April 2004 



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Highlights from Tuesday, 20 April

In the morning, delegates in Conference Room 1 participated in a thematic discussion on water, focusing on water policies and reforms, and capacity building for water management and provision of water services. Delegates in Conference Room 2 engaged in interactive discussions with Major Groups on their contribution to implementation. In the afternoon, delegates in Conference Room 1 heard reviews on progress in implementation for the ESCAP and ECE regions. In the afternoon, delegates in Conference Room 2 participated in an interactive discussions on water, focusing on balancing water uses, and water demand management and conservation.  A Seminar/Course was held in the afternoon in the Learning Center on How to apply for GEF projects, and the Partnership Fair was held throughout the day

Photo: Major Groups during the morning interactive discussion among Major Groups and Delegates

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Interactive discussion among Delegates and Major Groups

Interactive discussion among delegates and Major Groups to explore Major Groups' experiences, case studies, lessons learned on the practical aspects of implementing commitments in the three themes of Water, Sanitation and Human Settlements. Major Group representatives presented key aspects outlined in their discussion papers, which can be viewed by clicking here.





Trade Unions


Local Authorities





Indigenous People


Non-Governmental Organizations





Business and Industry

Science and Technology

 Youth and Children






Delegates from the Russian Federation, Sweden, France and Burkina Faso


 Thematic discussion on Water

Thematic discussions addressed the themes of: "water policies and reforms to make the use and governance of water resources more effective and sustainable" and "building capacity for cooperative management of water and provision of water services"








 Rosario Villaluna, Executive Secretary, Global Coalition of Water and Sanitation Resource Centres, Philippines, Dennis D. Mwanza, Managing Director, Water Utility Parnership, Cote d'Ivoire, Manuel Dengo, DESA, CSD Vice-Chair Bruno Stagno, Costa Rica, Alexander DeBaros, Secretariat, Mike Muller, Director General, Department of Water Affairs and Forestry, South Africa, and Li Yuanyan, Deputy Chief Engineer and Professor, Water Resources and Hydropower Planning and Design, General Institute, Ministry of Water Resources, China











Delegates from Jamaica, Australia, and Azerbaijan hard at work



Interactive Dialogue on Water: "Balancing water uses--water, environment, food and other uses" and "Water demand management and water conservation"



Halifa Drammeh, UNEP, intervenes in the water discussion





A Review of Progress in Implementation from a Regional Perspective: UNESCAP



A.Y.B.I. Siddiqi, Former Secretary, Local Government Division, Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development and cooperatives, Bangladesh, Co-Chair of Asia and the Pacific Rim

Kuniyoshi Tokeuchi, International Association of Hydrological Sciences, University of Yamanashi

Patricia Moser, Asian Development Bank




Keiko Okaido, Deputy Executive Secretary, UNESCAP (right)


Isikia Rabici Savua, Fiji, for the ESCAP subregion of the Pacific

Patricia Moser, Asian Development Bank



A Review of Progress in Implementation from a Regional Perspective: UNECE






Brigita ShmŲgnerovŠ, UNECE Executive Secretary (center)

Margaret Beckett, Secretary of State, United Kingdom (right)



Ireland, on behalf of the EU (not pictured)



 Partnership Fair



Elaine Michetti, Partnership Development Specialist, UN Volunteers, during a presentation on "Caring Cities: Volunteer Capital for Urban Development"






Interactive Discussion: Partnerships for Human Settlements: Bolus Paul Zom Lolo, CSD 12 Vice-Chair (center) and Lars Reutersward, Director, Global Division, UN Habitat (right)


Learning Center: The Institute @CSD


A Seminar/Course was held in the afternoon on how to apply for GEF projects (Institutional/Capacity Building)

Photo: Frank Pinto, GEF/UNDP, and Yannick Glemarec, GEF/UNDP

For more information, visit or



This course included a presentation of the strategic priorities of the GEF, an overview of the UNDP GEF programme and a brief review of key procedures to apply for GEF resources. Participants were also given the opportunity to deepen their understanding of GEF procedures through directly working on specific case studies. The case studies focused primarily on water, rural settlements, and integrated land use planning.




Side Event: A Decade of GEF Experience with Transboundary Waters


Meraji Msuya, Nile Basin Initiative Secretariat, Sustainable Development and GEF Role in the Nile Basin Initiative, Jerson Kelman, Agencia, Nacional de Aguas, Brazil/GEF Sao Francisco River Basin Project and Integrated Water Resources Management, Chair Alfred M. Duda, GEF Secretariat, and Choomjet Karnjanakesorn, Mekong River Commission Secretariat, Mekong River Basin GEF Water Utilization Project

Side Event: Environmental Flows for Sustainable Development: vital for healthy functioning river systems and critical for achieving economic prosperity and the conservation of biodiversity--IUCN



This interactive session discussed the importance of environmental flows for people and nature, consider experience already gained in achieving environmental flows, and explore the next steps in promoting and implementing environmental flows for sustainable development. For more information, visit:

Photo: John Scanlon, Chair of the Session, Head, IUCN Environmental Law Programme.




Miscellaneous Photos


Partners for Water and Sanitation (



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CSD-12 Documents

Think Pieces on Water, Sanitation and Human Settlements: These papers seek to stimulate the debate on key areas related to the current CSD session's thematic cluster.  The "think pieces" can be accessed at:

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