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  Fifteenth Session of the Commission on Sustainable Development (CSD-15)

30 April - 11 May 2007 | United Nations Headquarters, New York, United States of America


Highlights for Thursday, 3 May 2007


On Thursday delegates met in parallel sessions of two working groups to engage in a first reading of the Chair’s revised draft negotiating document, distributed on Wednesday afternoon. Working Group 1 discussed energy for sustainable development, and Working Group 2 considered climate change and industrial development.


Ad Hoc Working Group 1: Energy for sustainable development; air

Janet Stephenson, Canada, noted that the document could be more concise.
Sergey Kononuchenko, the Russian Federation, suggested language strengthening the role of fossil fuels in the future.
Husniyya Mammadova, Azerbaijan, proposed text recommending the “increased development and use of advanced fossil fuel technologies.”
Stephan Contius, Germany, for the EU.
South African delegates.

Ad Hoc Working Group 2: Industrial development; climate change; interlinkages
and cross-cutting issues

Kunihiko Shimida, Japan.
Elfi A. More, European Union.
Karim Sadat, Egypt.

Jamil Ahmad, Pakistan, for the
G-77/China, suggested reframing the language to reflect the urgency, importance and reality of climate change and its impacts.
Germany for the EU suggested a new paragraph on market-based mechanisms.
Margaret Sangarwe, Zimbabwe.
John M. Matuszak, United States.
Emilio D'Alessio, Local Authorities.
Najmi deen Jalutah, Libya.
Alfredo A. Labbé, Chile.
Clare Walsh, Australia.

Anne Berns, United States.
Delegates observe the bracketing of text.

Uzi Manor, Israel.

Morten Nordskag, Norway.
Stefanie Pfahl, Germany for the EU.
Hanspeter Wyss, Switzerland.

China for the G77/China.
Mitsuhiko Shinomiya, Japan.

Vision, Change, Evolution.
International Energy Agency.
The Cookit (Solar Cooker).

Diego Noguera, Robynne Boyd and Andrew Brooke, ENBOTS team.
Richard Sherman, Program Manager, African Regional Coverage Project, ENB, Angeles Estrada, Digital Editor, ENB, Lavanya Rajamani, Team Leader, ENB.

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