Highlights and images for 27 November 2019


The US delegation huddles with the Minamata Secretariat.

On Wednesday, COP3 delegates exchanged initial positions on a number of agenda items, discussed draft decisions in several contact groups, and participated in side events and knowledge labs. The agenda for this third COP of the Minamata Convention on Mercury comprises of a mix of items focused on establishing the smooth functioning of a new international treaty body, as well as items with a substantive focus on the products and manufacturing processes in which mercury or mercury compounds are used. The Terms of Reference for the Implementation and Compliance Committee was discussed at length and ended in a deferment until Thursday. The Friends of the COP President Group reported that it had agreed on a draft decision to be forwarded to plenary on cooperative issues between the Secretariat of the Minamata Convention and the Secretariat of the Basel, Rotterdam and Stockholm Conventions.

Agenda items addressed related to products and manufacturing processes included the Financial Mechanism, Capacity-building, Technical Assistance and Technology Transfer, Contaminated Sites, and Emissions of Mercury Resulting from the Open Burning of Waste. During the discussion on the Financial Mechanism, Norway announced a EUR 500,000.00 and Switzerland announced a CHF 100,000.00 voluntary contribution to the Specific International Programme to Support Capacity-building and Technical Assistance.

The Plenary adopted its first decision, on the review of the financial mechanism, in which parties welcomed the report and requested the Secretariat to prepare draft terms of reference for the second review and consideration at COP4.Side events on Wednesday addressed mercury science, lessons learned from the National Action Plans on artisanal and small-scale gold mining (ASGM), and “Dangerous, mercury-laden and often illegal skin-lightening products and measures to restrict them under the Minamata Convention.”

Most of Thursday will be focused on the work of the contact groups, although issues such as releases still remain be discussed in plenary. For more details on the day’s negotiations and to hear what delegates said in the corridors, see our daily Earth Negotiations Bulletin.


The Minamata COP3 convened for its third day in Geneva.

Mohammed Khashashneh, Jordan, consulting with Rossana Silva Repetto, Executive Secretary, Minamata Convention on Mercury; President of COP3, David Kapindula, Zambia; and Claudia ten Have, Minamata Convention Secretariat

President of COP3, David Kapindula, Zambia

Silvija Kalnins (Latvia), Co-Chair of Technical Matters Contact Group

Kateřina Šebková (Czech Republic), Co-Chair of Effectiveness Evaluation Contact Group

A view of the dais during the plenary

Tuulia Toikka, the EU

Serge Molly Allo’o Allo’o, Gabon

President of COP3, David Kapindula (Zambia), reviewing a document with Claudia ten Have, Minamata Convention Secretariat during the morning plenary

Christopher Kanema, Zambia

Natalia Pulido, Colombia

Lagipoiva Cherelle Jackson, IISD/ENB, speaking with Fiasosoitamalii Siaosi, Samoa

Reggie Hernaus, the Netherlands

Said Ali Thaoubane, Comoros

Delegates from Congo

Delegates from Cameroon

Lamya Aljuraifani, Kuwait

Rosa Vivian Ratnawati, Indonesia

Nina Cromnier (Sweden), Chair, Friends of the President Group

Trevor Mark Gordon, South Africa

Claudia-Sorina Dumitru, Romania

Osvaldo Patricio Álvarez Pérez, Chile, sharing a laugh with his colleagues

Contact Groups

The Technical Matters Contact Group takes up issues of the day

Christopher Allen, EU

Karissa Kovner, US

The Effectiveness Evaluation Contact Group engaged in discussion

Elizabeth Nichols, US

John Mumbo, Kenya

The Budget Contact Group in session

Raul Vargas Juarez, Mexico

Awidya Santikajaya, Indonesia

Around the Venue

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