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International Tropical Timber Council: Thirty-Fifth Session

Yokohama, Japan | 3 - 8 November 2003

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Highlights from Tuesday, 4 November

On Tuesday, delegates met in council and committee sessions. In the morning, Council considered: the report of the Expert Panel on Management of Project Implementation; ITTO Guidelines for the Restoration, Management and Rehabilitation of Degraded and Secondary Tropical Forests; and the ITTO Biennial Work Programme. The Committees on Economic Information and Market Intelligence (CEM), Forest Industry (CFI), Reforestation and Forest Management (CRF), and Finance and Administration (CFA) convened in the afternoon.

Members of the Curtiba, Brazil Working Group, the
inter-sessional working group on preparations for negotiating a successor agreement to the ITTA, 1994.


Council Session

Michael Hicks, US Department of Agriculture (left), presented the report of the Expert Panel on Management of Project Implementation (ITTC(XXXV)/8). He identified six main causes for ineffective project implementation and monitoring, including poor project design, lack of communication and coordination, lack of capacity within executing agencies, and failure to follow ITTO rules and procedures.

Delegates then commented on the report of the Expert Panel on Management


Ecuador called for better-defined ITTO criteria and urged executing agencies to focus on management activities.

Brazil stressed that all projects have been approved, and supported by the US, felt that the inabilities of executing agencies are a shared responsibility. The US said that delays in project implementation require problem solving at different levels.

Ghana recommended focusing on project management, rather than project formulation.

On the Expert Panel report, Malaysia (right) supported the report's recommendation and urged all parties to assume their respective responsibilities.

The Netherlands (not pictured) stressed the importance of high-quality project design and recommended shifting the discussion from the project level to the policy level.

Guatemala during the morning Plenary

On the report of the expert panel, the EU stressed the need to focus on the project appraisal phase and develop criteria for project continuation.

Regarding the work programme, the EU, with Indonesia and China, emphasized concerns about the budgetary constraints of implementing the activities. Sobral responded by expressing his confidence that the funds required would be covered by the main donors and by funds in the Special Account and the Bali Partnership Fund.

Manoel Sobral Filho, ITTO Executive Director, ITTC-35 Chair Bin Che Freezailah, Malaysia, and ITTC-35 Vice Chair Jan McAlpine, US

Listen to Sobral's intervention on the work programme

Listen to Jan McAlpine's intervention on the work


Eva Mülller, Secretariat (left) introduced ITTO guidelines for the restoration, management and rehabilitation of degraded and secondary tropical forests (ITTC(XXXV)/9). Jürgen Blaser (center), Chair of the Preparatory Committee (PREPCOM), summarized the output of a working group on the preparation for negotiating a successor agreement. (Listen to his presentation) Pekka Patosaari, United Nations Forum on Forests (UNFF) (right), thanked the ITTO for its support for the Collaborative Partnership on Forests (CPF), summarized the mandate of UNFF, stressed the need to curb illegal logging, and supported continued collaboration between UNFF and ITTO.

Committee on Economic Information and Market Intelligence and Committee on Forest Industry
Vice-Chair Yeo-Chang Youn, and Co-Chairs Astrid Bergquist and Kaya Gilbert
Dr. Hwan-Ok Ma, Secretariat, Vice-Chair Yeo-Chang Youn, Emmanuel Ze Meka, Secretariat, and Co-Chairs Astrid Bergquist and Kaya Gilbert
Delegates from New Zealand, Switzerland and China

Committee on Reforestation and Forest Managment
Dennis Dykstra, ITTO consultant, John Leigh, Secretariat, Co-Chairs A.S.K. Boachie-Dapaah and Henri Félix Maître, Eva Mülller, Secretariat, Hiras Sidabutar, Secretariat, and Polycarpe Masupa Kambale, Secretariat
Co-Chairs A.S.K. Boachie-Dapaah and Henri Félix Maître, and the IUCN representative
Dennis Dykstra, ITTO consultant, and representatives from Papua New Guinea, and Central African Republic

Committee on Finance and Administration
Charas Mayra, Secretariat, Chair Christopher Ellis, and Mahboob Hasan, Secretariat

Miscellaneous Photos
Delegates before the convening of the morning Council session (left) and David Drake, Canada (right)
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