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Summary Report   Summary
9 February   HTML version PDF format
Summary Report   Summary
9 February   HTML version PDF format
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INTERLAKEN+10: Governing Forest Landscapes:
Lessons Learnt from Ten Years of Experience and
The Way Forward Post-2015

3-6 February 2015 | Interlaken, Switzerland

Daily Web Coverage
Highlights for Friday, 6 February 2015
On Friday, plenary met in the morning to hear thematic inputs on the International Model Forest Network, the Forest Legality Alliance, and the XIV World Forestry Congress, to be held in September 2015 in Durban, South Africa. A roundtable discussed the global experience with forest governance monitoring and assessment and ways forward, and held an interactive session with country experts from Indonesia, the Russian Federation and Tanzania. The draft workshop report was then tabled and considered in breakout groups.

The concluding plenary heard an intervention from UNFF11 Bureau Member Vicente Bezerra, Brazil, who provided some considerations on the future of the International Agreement on Forests (IAF). Delegates from the Youth Group then outlined the work undertaken during their parallel conference. They shared their vision, which includes an increased participation of youth in forest governance processes, noting that "the world we live in is not the world youth envisions."

Plenary subsequently addressed the workshop report, focusing on the recommendations directed to UNFF with regard to UNFF11 and the post-2015 IAF. Representatives of the breakout groups, and other participants, shared detailed comments. It was announced that the recommendations will be revised and, following an electronic consultation, they will be finalized by the end of the following week for transmission to UNFF11.

The workshop closed at 5:30pm.

The IISD RS summary of INTERLAKEN+10 is available in English (HTML and PDF)
Christoph Dürr, Switzerland with Doris Capistrano, Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN)
Plenary Session
Peter Anthony Besseau, Canadian Forest Service

Eva Müller, FAO
Charles Barber, AHEG2 Co-Chair, World Resources Institute (WRI)
Lambert Okrah, Major Groups Partnership on Forests
Liubov Poliakova, Ukraine
Daniel Meireles Tristão, Brazil
From L-R: Jürgen Blaser, Bern University of Applied Sciences; Marina Smetanina, Russian Federation; Abdul Situmorang, Indonesia; Facilitator Nalin Kishor, Program on Forests (PROFOR), World Bank; Amina Bohero, Tanzania; and Doris Capistrano, ASEAN
Facilitator Nalin Kishor, PROFOR, World Bank
Abdul Situmorang, Indonesia
Amina Bohero, Tanzania
Marina Smetanina, Russian Federation
Steven Lawry, Center for International Forestry Research (CIFOR)
Stephanie Caswell, US
Robert Busink, the Netherlands
Steffen Lackmann, GIZ
Tina Sølvberg, UNDP
From L-R: Srećko Juričić, UNFF Bureau, Croatia; Vicente Bezerra, UNFF Bureau, Brazil; and Zhimin Wu, UNFF Bureau, China
Vicente Bezerra, UNFF Bureau, Brazil
Subhash Chandra, India
Sibylle Vermont, Switzerland
Delegates from the Youth Conference responding to comments
Anna Stemberger, UNFF Youth and Children Major Group Focal Point
May Anne Then, International Forestry Students' Association (IFSA)
Jacob Amoako, Bern University of Applied Sciences
From L-R: Veronica Galmez, Andean Forests Program, Peru; Charles Barber, AHEG2 Co-Chair; Godwin Kowero, African Forest Forum (AFF); Bharat Kumar Pokharel, HELVETAS Swiss Intercooperation; Robert Busink, the Netherlands; Jürgen Blaser, Bern University of Applied Sciences; Carol Colfer, Cornell International Institute for Food, Agriculture, and Development
Christian Küchli, Federal Office for the Environment (FOEN), Switzerland
José Félix Pinto-Bazurco, Peru
Godwin Kowero, AFF
Breakout Group: Asia and Middle East
The Asia and Middle East breakout group
Breakout Group: Latin America
Keith Anderson, Switzerland
Facilitator Veronica Galmez, Andean Forests Program, Peru
Jocelyn Ostolaza, Peru
Breakout Group: Global
Charles Barber, AHEG2 Co-Chair, WRI
Meine Van Noordwijk, World Agroforestry Centre
Breakout Group: Africa
Carol Colfer, Cornell International Institute for Food, Agriculture, and Development
Witness Kozanayi, Zimbabwe
Breakout Group: Europe, Central Asia and North America
Andrei Laletin, Friends of the Siberian Forests
Cvetan Nikolovski, Nature Conservation Programme in Macedonia - Farmahem
Robert Busink, the Netherlands
Youth Conference
Denver Thomas Cayetano, Belize
Olivia Sánchez Badini, IFSA
Participants Networking

Funding for coverage of this workshop has been provided by the governments of Finland, Germany, the Netherlands, Norway and Switzerland.

Daily Web Coverage
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