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INTERLAKEN+10: Governing Forest Landscapes:
Lessons Learnt from Ten Years of Experience and
The Way Forward Post-2015

3-6 February 2015 | Interlaken, Switzerland

Daily Web Coverage
A country-led initiative (CLI) in support of the UN Forum on Forests (UNFF), the INTERLAKEN+10 workshop is the last meeting before UNFF 11, to be held from 3-6 February 2015, in Interlaken, Switzerland. Organized jointly by Switzerland with Indonesia, South Africa, Mexico and Ukraine, the workshop aims to identify recommendations for the way forward to include meaningfully governance issues in a post-2015 international arrangement on forests. Its specific objectives are to:

• take stock of the experience gained since the first Interlaken workshop in 2004 and of lessons learnt on governance and decentralization as they relate to forest management and conservation;
• reflect on developments over the past ten years related to governance of forest landscapes, taking into account recent developments and trends globally;
• identify key issues that need to be addressed in a global forestry context; and
• develop proposals and recommendations on how to foster good governance of forest landscapes to the UNFF and as part of the post-2015 agenda.

The workshop is expected to adopt a report and a series of recommendations to be submitted to UNFF 11.
View of the plenary during the morning session

Funding for coverage of this workshop has been provided by the governments of Finland, Germany, the Netherlands, Norway and Switzerland.

Daily Web Coverage
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