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Highlights and images for 19 January 2024

Istanbul, Türkiye

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) worked intensively through the night on Friday and well into Saturday morning. The Panel’s work came down to the wire as delegates labored in plenary and huddles to secure consensus on the programme of work for the IPCC’s seventh assessment cycle. While delegates had converged on a general approach to the workplan, they struggled to overcome diverging view on key elements. Critical areas of disagreement included the types of products and the timeline for their delivery.

IPCC Chair Jim Skea gavels the approval of the Programme of Work

IPCC Chair Jim Skea gavels the approval of the Programme of Work.

After extensive deliberations, the Panel Members agreed on a Programme of Work, which will include, inter alia: 

  • assessment reports from three working groups: 
    • WGI – The Physical Science Basis 
    • WGII – Impacts, Adaptation and Vulnerability 
    • WGIII – Mitigation of Climate Change 
  • a synthesis report; 
  • a distinct product revising and updating the 1994 IPCC Technical Guidelines on impacts and adaptation, including adaptation indicators, metrics, and methodologies; 
  • a Special Report on Climate Change and Cities 
  • a Methodology Report on Short-lived Climate Forcers 
  • an Expert Meeting and Methodology Report on carbon dioxide removal technologies and carbon capture utilization and storage 
Huddle on the programme of work

Huddle on the Programme of Work

The special report on cities is scheduled to be ready in 2027. The synthesis report will be produced by late 2029. The dates for the working group contributions will be developed by the Bureau and presented to the Panel at its next meeting for a decision. 

IPCC-60 concluded on Saturday, 20 January, at 9:44 am. 

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