Highlights and images for 30 October 2023

Geneva, Switzerland

Minamata Convention on Mercury

LeadShot_MinamataCOP5 - 30Oct2023 - Photo.jpg

Photo by Kiara Worth - Minamata Convention

Delegates celebrated the 10th anniversary of the adoption of the Minamata Convention and considered what decisions by the Fifth Conference of the Parties (COP-5) can take the agreement successfully into its second decade. During the morning plenary they called for amending the annexes on product and process phaseouts, finalizing the effectiveness evaluation, improving implementation of national action plans on artisanal and small-scale gold mining (ASGM), and adopting thresholds on mercury-containing waste, guidance on releases, and a gender action plan.

In her opening statement, Katrin Schneeberger, Director, Federal Office for the Environment, Switzerland, urged delegates to “deepen and expand” the Convention’s work.

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Katrin Schneeberger, Director of the Federal Office for the Environment, Switzerland- MinamataCOP5 - 30Oct2023 – Photo.jpg

Katrin Schneeberger, Director of the Federal Office for the Environment, Switzerland. Photo: Minamata Convention - Kiara Worth.

Monika Stankiewicz, Executive Secretary, Minamata Convention, called for greater collaboration, trust building, recognition of the linkages between mercury and the climate and biodiversity conventions, and drawing on the knowledge of those most vulnerable to mercury exposure.

Monika Stankiewicz, Executive Secretary, Minamata Convention_MinamataCOP5 - 30Oct2023 – Photo.jpg

Monika Stankiewicz, Executive Secretary, Minamata Convention. Photo: Minamata Convention - Kiara Worth.

Elizabeth Mrema, Deputy Executive Director, UNEP- MinamataCOP5 - 30Oct2023 – Photo.jpg

Elizabeth Mrema, Deputy Executive Director, UNEP. Photo: Minamata Convention - Kiara Worth.

Claudia Dumitru (Romania), COP-5 President- MinamataCOP5 - 30Oct2023 – Photo.jpg

Claudia Dumitru (Romania), COP-5 President. Photo: Minamata Convention - Kiara Worth.

A lunchtime event was held to commemorate a decade of global commitment to make mercury history, in which participants recalled major milestones on the road to the Minamata Convention, including the voices of stakeholders who contributed to the historic achievement, from Minamata victims to artisanal gold miners.

10yearAnniversary- MinamataCOP5 - 30Oct2023 – Photo.jpg

 A view of the panel during the 10-Year Anniversary Celebration. Photo: Minamata Convention - Kiara Worth.

Chizuru Aoki is Lead Environmental Specialist, GEF- MinamataCOP5 - 30Oct2023 – Photo.jpg

Chizuru Aoki, Lead Environmental Specialist, Global Environment Facility (GEF). Photo: Minamata Convention - Kiara Worth.

Rochelle Diver, International Indian Treaty Council- MinamataCOP5 - 30Oct2023 – Photo.jpg

Rochelle Diver, International Indian Treaty Council. Photo: Minamata Convention - Kiara Worth.

Elena Co-founder, Zero Mercury Working Group - MinamataCOP5 - 30Oct2023 – Photo.jpg

Elena Lymberidi, Co-founder, Zero Mercury Working Group. Photo: Minamata Convention - Kiara Worth.

Satuette- MinamataCOP5 - 30Oct2023 – Photo.jpg

An Indigenous Peoples representative presents the Omama Statue to COP-5 President Claudia Dumitru. Photo: Minamata Convention - Kiara Worth.

Regarding possible amendments to Annexes A (phaseout of products) and B (phaseout of processes), many parties in plenary indicated their support for the African Group proposals to amend both annexes. In the contact group on annex amendments, co-chaired by Lesotho and Japan, which met in the afternoon, delegates debated but did not finalize phaseout dates for new proposals in Annex A, although they came close to consensus on certain button batteries, and switches and relays. The group also added two new Annex A entries for certain types of compact fluorescent lamps.

Contact Group Panel 1_MinamataCOP5 - 30Oct2023 - Photo.jpg

A view of the panel during the contact group

Contact Group Panel 4_ MinamataCOP5 - 30Oct2023 - Photo.jpg

 Contact Group Co-Chair Itsuki Kuroda, Japan


Contact Group Panel 3_MinamataCOP5 - 30Oct2023 - Photo.jpg

Eisaku Toda, Minamata Convention Secretariat

In the afternoon, delegates discussed the Convention’s financial resources and mechanism, noting that the Global Environment Facility (GEF) has increased its funding for the Minamata Convention by more than 30% in its eighth replenishment, and but that there are insufficient funds currently for the Specific International Programme to Support Capacity Building and Technical Assistance (SIP) to offer a fourth round of funding to parties. Many parties called for further funds to support critical efforts by developing countries to implement the Convention.

Panel2_MinamataCOP5 - 30Oct2023 - Photo.jpg

 A view of the panel during the afternoon plenary.

Delegate1_MinamataCOP5 - 30Oct2023 - Photo.jpg

A delegate confers with colleagues.

Delegates opened deliberations on ASGM, which were set to continue into Tuesday.

In the evening, the Swiss Government hosted a special welcome ceremony for all delegates to relax and take a break, before many headed back into the contact group on amendments to Annexes A and B.

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