Thematic groups (TGs) met in parallel throughout the day and into the evening on the second day of the fourth session of the Intersessional Process for Considering the Strategic Approach to International Chemicals Management (SAICM) and the Sound Management of Chemicals and Waste Beyond 2020 (IP4). They reviewed in detail components of the compilation of draft recommendations on the post-2020 instrument for consideration by the Fifth International Conference on Chemicals Management (ICCM5).

After an initial airing of views on Monday evening on the possible vision for a post-2020 instrument, TG1 on Vision, Strategic Objectives and Targets turned to strategic objectives during its Tuesday morning and afternoon deliberations. All five proposed strategic objectives were reviewed. The strategic objective regarding issues of concern was provisionally agreed, and the Group agreed to deliberate on a proposed objective on resources and partnerships using an alternative text proposed by the Inter-Organization Programme for the Sound Management of Chemicals (IOMC) which simply refers to the integration of sound chemicals and waste management in all relevant sustainable development, financing, and corporate decision processes.

Co-Facilitator Mari-Liis Ummik, Estonia

Thematic Group 1 Co-Facilitator Mari-Liis Ummik, Estonia

Following its initial discussions on Monday evening on institutional arrangements, TG2 on Institutional Arrangements, Mechanisms to Support Implementation, Issues of Concern, and Linkages with the Future Science-Policy Panel turned to provisions regarding issues of concern in its Tuesday morning deliberations. Group members were briefed on the deliberations of the Virtual Working Group convened on this topic during the pandemic. Delegates then debated how to refer to the subject, whether it should be issues of concern,” “issues of international concern,” or issues of global concern,” and how to reflect issues which are of concern for particular regions.

In its two Tuesday afternoon discussions, TG2 first returned to institutional arrangements, beginning with the functions of the international conference. The Group also decided to replace existing proposals on a high-level segment for the conference with one on convening special high-level events on particular issues, although the exact wording was not agreed. In its second afternoon session, TG2 deliberated on the definition of issue of concern.”

Co-Facilitators Karissa Kovner, US and Teeraporn Wiriwutikorn, Thailand

Thematic Group 2 Co-Facilitators Karissa Kovner, US, and Teeraporn Wiriwutikorn, Thailand

Building on an initial general airing of views on the compilations provisions on capacity building and financial considerations on Monday evening, TG3 on Mechanisms to Support Capacity Building and Financial Considerations began a paragraph-by-paragraph review of the provisions on financing on Tuesday morning. Disagreement on the wording for a chapeau was referred to an informal group to formulate a compromise text.

After agreeing to some general provisions on an integrated approach to financing the sound management of chemicals and waste, TG3 examined subparagraphs on the first element of an integrated approach to mainstreaming. Here there were differences about whether to reference low- and middle-income countries,” or developing countries and countries with economies in transition,” or countries in need” when discussing countries that should mainstream the sound management of chemicals and waste in national development plans, domestic budgets and relevant sector policies.

In their afternoon session, the Group considered a proposal to split a paragraph on mainstreaming in development assistance in two, the first half focusing on mainstreaming within governments, and the second half encouraging mainstreaming of the sound management of chemicals and waste within financial institutions.

View of the room during the Thematic Group

View of the room during the Thematic Group on Mechanisms to Support Capacity Building and Financial Considerations

All three thematic groups were to reconvene in the evening to deliberate until late hours.

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