Highlights and images for 3 March 2023

Nairobi, Kenya

IP Co-Chairs Kay Williams, UK, and Judith Torres, Uruguay

IP Co-Chairs Kay Williams, UK, and Judith Torres, Uruguay

Despite a last round of thematic group negotiations in the morning, many provisions in the IP Consolidated Document” for a post-2020 instrument on the sound management of chemicals and waste remain bracketed, indicating that consensus has not been reached.

After reviewing the text for any errors or omissions in the closing plenary, the Fourth meeting of the Intersessional Process (IP4) was suspended until two days before the start of the Fifth International Conference on Chemicals Management (ICCM5) and will continue on 23-24 September 2023 in Bonn, Germany. At that time, the resumed IP4 will attempt to find consensus on as many items as possible before handing the Consolidated Document to ICCM5 negotiators.

Plenary view

View of the final plenary held in the evening

The three thematic groups (TGs) met briefly in the morning. TG1 tried unsuccessfully to finish work on the instrument’s targets under Strategic Objective B (comprehensive and sufficient knowledge, data and information are generated, available and accessible to all to enable informed decisions and actions).

TG2 deliberated on which of the draft provisions of issues of concern” for special attention and concerted action are largely substantive, and will therefore be placed in the main instrument, and which are largely procedural, and therefore belong in an annex.

TG3 heard a joint presentation by Iran and the International Conference of Chemical Associations (ICCA) on an alternative text regarding an online, global, transparent, and central matchmaking platform to assist countries in getting technical and capacity-building assistance and technology transfer for the sound management of chemicals and waste. The text was placed in the section on capacity building for later consideration.

Once the revised IP Consolidated Document was reviewed by delegates and the decision taken to suspend IP4, regional groups and others offered closing statements.

Anita Breyer, ICCM5 President

Anita Breyer, ICCM5 President

ICCM5 President Anita Breyer closed the meeting and expressed gratitude for the hosts, organizers, and participants. She noted aspirations for a more elaborate set of targets in the post-2020 instrument to inform the urgency of their work, along with a measurability structure. She urged delegates to work toward building a balance that would see the actions needed supported by the resources required to unlock agreements in other areas.

The meeting closed at 8:15 pm.

The Earth Negotiations Bulletin (ENB) summary and analysis of IP4 will be available on this site on Monday, 5 March 2023.

Text written and edited by Keith Ripley, Deborah Davenport, Ph.D., Jose F. Pinto-Bazurco, Ph.D., and Hillary Rosentreter.

All ENB photos are free to use with attribution. For the SAICM IP4, please use: Photo by IISD/ENB | Diego Noguera

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