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Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; 9-20 February 2004

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Highlights for Tuesday 17 February 2004

COP-7 delegates met throughout the day in two Working Groups (WGs). WG-I discussed biodiversity and tourism, and invasive alien species (IAS), and also considered conference room papers (CRPs) on mountain biodiversity and the thematic work programmes. WG-II addressed CRPs on Article 8(j) (traditional knowledge), Rule 21 of the Rules of Procedure (elections and terms of office of Bureau members), the multi-year programme of work (MYPOW), and the CBD Work Programme and the Millen­nium Development Goals (MDGs). A brief Plenary was held in the afternoon. Contact groups on the budget, access and benefit-sharing (ABS) and protected areas (PAs) also convened.

Above photo: Sarah Aziz (Malaysia) is at the center of informal consultations that would  reach compromise regarding a reference to mutual supportiveness between the work programme on mountain biodiversity and other international obligations, including trade-related instruments.

Working Group I:  Biodiversity and Tourism 

PANAMA highlighted indigenous communities’ contribution to sustainable tourism. Above photo: Marisol Dimas (Panama)

The INTERNATIONAL INDIGENOUS FORUM ON BIODIVERSITY (IIFB) said it had been denied to follow the process on tourism, and that the guidelines are not in accordance with Article 8(j) since they fail to safeguard cultural diversity and sustainability. Above photo (center): Arthur Manuel (IIFB)

Invasive Alien Species: 

The GLOBAL INVASIVE SPECIES PROGRAMME outlined its awareness raising efforts and technical support for national and regional initiatives. 

Above photo: Lynn Jackson (Global Invasive Species Programme)

PALAU suggested initiating pilot projects on small islands. Above photo: 



SOUTH AFRICA stressed the need to address poverty and inequity, and intentional introduction through international incentives schemes, including afforestation . Above photo: Gert Willemse (South Africa)

Max Kitchell (Australia) said Australia could support SBSTTA-9 recommendation regarding invasive alien species, but reiterated Australia’s opposition to decision VI/23, expressing hope that COP-7 would be able to resolve the issue. 

Mountain Biodiversity: 

Rubens Nodari (Brazil) (above) said the work programme on mountain biodiversity should not be used in a way that would distort international trade in commodity.  

Turkey, opposed by many, requested deleting references to river basin management and establishing corridors. 

Above photo: Arif Taspinar (Turkey)

Working Group II: 

Article 8 (j):


The EU proposed compromise text in the part on sui generis systems replacing a reference to international law with a reference to Article 8(j). Above photo: Tara Shine (EU)

MALAYSIA stated that Article 8(j) was only subject to national law and references to international law would set a new precedent. 

Above photo: Peh Suan Yong (Malaysia)

NEW ZEALAND asked to add an opening paragraph making sui generis systems subject to national legislation and asked to delete a reference to lands and waters traditionally occupied by indigenous and local communities. Above photo: Jane Coombs (New Zealand)

The IIFB stressed the integral connection between land and traditional knowledge. 

Above photo: Merle Alexander (IIFB)


BRAZIL, opposed by the EU, CANADA and NEW ZEALAND, maintained its proposal to hold COP meetings every three years, and finally agreed to propose language for COP-8 consideration. 

Above photo: Maria Angelica Ikeda (Brazil)

The IIFB reiterated the need for linguistic indicators.
Above photo: Joji Cariño (IIFB)

Delegates discussed when the island biodiversity AHTEG should meet. JAMAICA suggested that it meet in 2004 and, following consultations, delegates agreed.

Above photo: Elaine Fisher (Jamaica) in discussion with Horst Korn (Germany)

SWITZERLAND stressed the importance of retaining language on WSSD priorities regarding, inter alia, poverty alleviation, human health, and hotspots, ecological networks and corridors. 

Above photo: Robert Lamb (Switzerland)

Millenium Developments Goals: 

Canada proposed that national reporting on MDGs focus on national activities to integrate the MDGs with efforts made under the CBD. 

Left photo: John Herity (Canada)


Brazil announced its offer to host the next Conference of the Parties. Right photo: Braulio Ferreira de Souza Dias (Brazil) in discussions with delegates from Canada.

Contact Group: Access and Benefit Sharing 

Delegates discussed a new document agreed upon by a Friends of the Chair group. Regarding the timeframes for convening the ABS Working Group, the Co-Chairs Pythoud (center) and Hafashimana (right) suggested, and delegates agreed, that the issue be finalized by WG-II in consultation with the budget group.  

Protected Areas: 

Delegates in the contact group on protected areas reached agreement on a definition for “global PA network,” and started considering activities regarding planning and management of protected area systems and sites.  Right photo: The PA dais Chaired by Alfred Yeboah (Ghana) (right)     

Side Event: Launching of the Plant Diversity Challenge

UK Environment Minister Elliot Morley today 17 February 2004 launched the Plant Diversity Challenge, the UK's first response to the Global strategy for Plant Conservation. The report was compiled on behalf of the Government by a partnership between the Joint Nature Conservation Committee, Plant life International and the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. The launching took place at the Seventh Conference of the Parties to the CBD in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Minister Morley was joined by Hamdallah Zedan (CBD Executive Secretary), Alfred Yeboah (Ghana) and Jane Smart (Plantlife International).


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