Twenty-Fourth sessions of the Subsidiary Body for Scientific and Technological Advice (SBSTA) and the Subsidiary Body for Implementation (SBI) of the UNFCCC and First session of the Ad Hoc Working Group on Further Commitments for Annex I Parties under the Kyoto Protocol (AWG) and related meetings

15-26 May 2006 | Bonn, Germany

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Highlights for Friday, 19 May 2006

Above photo: Richard Kinley Officer-In-Charge, UNFCCC Secretariat, Feng Gao, Deputy Executive for SBI, UNFCCC Secretariat, SBI Chair Thomas Becker and Janos Pazstor, UNFCCC Secretariat.


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On Friday morning, SBSTA took up agenda items on policies and measures, Kyoto Protocol Article 2.3 (adverse effects), cooperation with relevant international organizations and other matters. SBI discussed the financial mechanism in relation to the Convention and Kyoto Protocol, the Special Climate Change Fund, the Adaptation Fund, arrangements for intergovernmental meetings, and Annex I demonstrable progress reports. In the afternoon, contact groups met on capacity building, technology transfer, privileges and immunities, research and systematic observation, HFC-23, review of the financial mechanism, the Adaptation Fund. There were also informal consultations on various issues, including deforestation, adaptation, and non-Annex I communications. Bilateral and small group consultations took place under the AWG.

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Subsidiary Body for Implementation:

Bangladesh, for LDCs, urged adequate representation on the GEF Council. Switzerland supported the work of the GEF as the UNFCCC’s financial mechanism.

Above photos L-R: Delegate from Bangladesh and Switzerland making an intervention. 

Above photos L-R: Bernarditas Mueller (the Philippines), for the G-77/China noted that the SCCF was to address urgent needs of developing countries since the operating entity of the financial mechanism cannot adequately do so. Bubu Pateh Jallow (Gambia) will chair a contact group on the Special Climate Change Fund.
Subsidiary Body for Scientific and Technological Advice:

Above photos L-R: View of the presentations during SBSTA. 
Contact Groups:


CAPACITY BUILDING: The G-77/CHINA emphasized the importance of monitoring capacity building activities and SOUTH AFRICA supported finding the most effective monitoring methods. The EU and JAPAN highlighted the role of national communications. The chairs will prepare draft text.

Above photos L-R: Paul Desanker, UNFCCC Secretariat, Co-Chairs Crispin D'Auvergne (Saint Lucia) and Anders Turesson (Sweden)

PRIVILEGES AND IMMUNITIES:  The Secretariat explained that the 1946 UN Convention on Privileges and Immunities cannot automatically be extended to individuals serving in constituted bodies under the Protocol, and a new legal instrument or ad hoc arrangements are necessary.

Above photos L-R: The dais during the Contact Group on Privileges and Immunities and chaired by Paul Watkinson (France) (center); view of the contact group session on Privileges and Immunities.


Above photos L-R: Contact Group on Technology Transfer Co-Chair Carlos Fuller (Belize); view of the Contact Group on Technology Transfer in session. 

Informals: Adaptation

Above photos L-R: Delegates from Canada and Burkina Faso; US exchanging views with Japan.

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