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5 October
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6 October
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9 October
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12 October
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Second Ad Hoc Intergovernmental and Multi-stakeholder Meeting on an Intergovernmental Science-Policy Interface on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services

5-9 October 2009 | Nairobi, Kenya

Highlights for Tuesday, 6 October 2009

The second ad hoc intergovernmental and multi-stakeholder meeting on an IPBES continued plenary discussions on Tuesday.

Opening the morning session, Chair Watson welcomed progress made on the first day, noting that consensus had been reached on, inter alia, the usefulness of the gap analysis as a baseline document and the need for any new mechanism to be independent, relevant, interdisciplinary and adequately funded.

In both morning and afternoon sessions, delegates continued to discuss the actions needed to strengthen the science-policy interface.

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Daily Highlights
Monday, 5 October - Tuesday, 6 October - Wednesday, 7 October - Thursday, 8 October- Friday, 9 October
Plenary Discussion
Participants during the morning session.
Mohamed Hamati, Mali, called for international support to enhance local and subregional action.
Abdulqader Khamis, Bahrain, highlighted that assessments should focus on socio-economic implications.
Masayoshi Mizuno, Japan, noted that a new mechanism could add value to assessments.
Part of the UNEP team during the morning session.
The Mexican delegation during the morning's proceedings.
Alfred Oteng-Yeboah, Ghana, called for strengthening institutional and human capacities for all local actors.
Anne Larigauderie, DIVERSITAS, stressed that a common conceptual framework is necessary for an IPBES.
Uriel Safriel, Israel, supported decision-support toolkits for policy-makers.
Chair Watson summarized the plenary discussions.
Åsa-Britt Karlsson, Sweden, for the EU, highlighted that uptake of assessment findings should not be policy prescriptive.

Massoud Rezvanian, Iran, underscored that many of the advantages and disadvantages identified for the second action are also true of the first.

Fernando Coimbra, Brazil, noted that assessments should recognize traditional knowledge as a tool for conservation.
Dan Wicklum, Canada
Victor Canton, Uruguay
Anada Tiéga, Secretary General, Ramsar Convention
Gustavo de Fonseca, Global Environment Facility (GEF)
Around the Conference
Evening Reception
Delegates in informal consultations.
Daily Highlights
Monday, 5 October - Tuesday, 6 October - Wednesday, 7 October - Thursday, 8 October- Friday, 9 October
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