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12th Meeting of the Conference of the Parties
to the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands (COP12)

2-9 June 2015 | Punta del Este, Uruguay

Highlights for Thursday, 4 June 2015

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Conrad Hotel

On Thursday, 4 June, Ramsar COP12 met in plenary throughout the day. In the morning, delegates heard presentations on whether the SDGs could help save wetlands and on the financial report 2012-2015, and a statement from the Secretariat of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) who had been invited by SC48 to participate in COP12. Delegates then proceeded with the election of the Standing Committee 2015-2018, and started consideration of draft resolutions and recommendations submitted by parties and by the SC, focusing on the proposed Ramsar strategic plan 2016-2021. In the afternoon, delegates considered draft resolutions on: enhancing the languages of the Convention and its visibility and stature, and increasing synergies with other MEAs and international institutions; and resource mobilization and partnership framework of the Ramsar Convention, and proposal to add Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust as an International Organization Partner. A working group met at lunchtime and in the evening to discuss the draft resolution on financial and budgetary matters.


Jane Madgwick, Wetlands International

Elizabeth S. Hess, Canada

Denis Landenbergue, WWF

Laura Bermudez and Oscar Manrique, Colombia

Sibylle Vermont, Switzerland

Nancy Cespedes, Chile

Jose Luis Remedi, COP12 Alternate President, Uruguay, and Christopher Briggs, Secretary General of the Ramsar Convention

Abdou Salam Kane, Senegal

Consultations during plenary

Felipe Costa, Brazil

Krishna Roy, United States

Mehmet Golge, Turkey

Sikka Brijesh, India

Delegates during plenary

Akirmuri Ogawa, Japan

Deogratius Nyangu, Tanzania

Kossi Agbesime Agbeti, Togo

Irene Lingblad, Norway

Gustavo Marcelo Rey Ortiz and Fernando Cisneros Arza, Bolivia

Ilona Mendzina, Latvia on behalf of EU Member States at COP12

Nadia Hassan, Sudan

Barbara de Rosa-Joynt, United States

Nejib Benessaiah, Medwet

Habib Abid, Tunisia

Side Event: Wetlands for the present and the future: a call for global action to ensure the water needs of the world’s wetlands.


Participants during the side event

Mario López Pérez, CONAGUA, Mexico

Around the conference center

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