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12th Meeting of the Conference of the Parties
to the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands (COP12)

2-9 June 2015 | Punta del Este, Uruguay

Highlights for Monday, 8 June 2015

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Conrad Hotel

On Monday, 8 June, plenary met briefly in the morning, afternoon and evening to hear reports from contact and informal groups, and to adopt a revised resolution on the conservation of Mediterranean Basin island wetlands. Delegates also saw videos on wetland management experiences from Senegal and Bolivia, and on the United Arab Emirates as the host country for COP13.

Several informal negotiations continued throughout the day, including on: the strategic plan, peatlands, wetland city accreditation, disaster risk reduction, the proposed new framework for the delivery of scientific and technical advice and guidance under the Convention, and evaluating and ensuring Ramsar Sites' effective management. All informal negotiations concluded in the evening, with delegates agreeing to anticipate the start of Tuesday's plenary at 9:00 am.


Mohamed Al-Afkham, United Arab Emirates

Mariam Hareb, Under-Secretary for Water Resources and Nature Conservation, Ministry of Environment and Water, United Arab Emirates

Aden Hassam Elmi, Djibouti

José Luis Remedi, COP12 Alternate President, Uruguay

Delegates from the Czech Republic

Carlos Rodriguez Brianza, Uruguay

Namory Keita, Guinea

Delegates from Estonia

Barbara de Rosa-Joynt, United States, and Peter Pouplier, Denmark

Sibylle Vermont, Switzerland, and Mehmet Golge, Turkey


Abdou Salam Kane, Senegal

Paula Monteiro, Cape Verde

Katerina Stilogianni, Greece

Doo Hun Park, Republic of Korea

Suleiman Al-Akhzami, Oman, and Ali Mansoor, Bahrain

Bohdan Prots, Ukraine

Informal Consultations



Elisa Morgera, IISDRS Team leader, Italy, and Asterios Tsioumanis, IISDRS Writer, Greece

Eleonore Vermont, IISDRS Digital Editor Trainee, Switzerland, and Angeles Estrada Vigil, IISDRS Digital Editor, Argentina

Daily CoverageIntro | 2 Jun | 3 Jun | 4 Jun | 5 Jun | 6 Jun | 7 Jun | 8 Jun | 9 Jun | Summary