Third Session of UNEP’s Intergovernmental Strategic Plan for Technology Support and  Capacity Building

2-4 December 2004, Bali, Indonesia 

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Highlights for Saturday, 4 December 2004

Delegates to IGSP-3 convened in morning Working Group sessions to conclude negotiations on the draft Intergovernmental Strategic Plan. In the afternoon delegates met in a final plenary session to adopt the Plan, which was renamed the “Bali Strategic Plan.” Chair Ntagazwa gaveled the session to a close at 6:25pm. Above photo: Klaus Töpfer in consultation with UNEP staff and Co-facilitator Asadi and Eidheim.



Above photo L-R: Mark Simonoff , Margaret McCauley and John Matuszak (US)

Above photo L-R: Facilitator Eidheim (center) with Halifa Dramme and Masa Nagai (UNEP)

Above photo: Mame Baba Cisse (Senegal speaking on behalf of the G-77/China)

 Above photo L-R: Alison Drayton (UNDP) and Ahmed Djoglaf (UNEP/GEF) 


Above photo L-R: Werner Obermeyer (UNEP) and Facilitator Asadi 

Above photo L-R: Bulus Paul Lolo (Nigeria) in consultation with Adnan Amin (UNEP)

Above photo: Kadarisman Sayoga (Indonesia), Jamil Ahmad (Pakistan), and Bulus Paul Lolo (Nigeria)

Above photo: Deborah Linde (US)


Co-facilitators Eidheim and Asadi reported on the outcomes of the Working Group negotiations, noting full consensus on the Plan. Both facilitators thanked the Secretariat and delegates and the host country.

Chair Ntagazwa opened the final plenary, noting its task of adopting the final draft of the IGSP for onward transmission to GC-23/GMEF for formal adoption. He formally proposed, and the plenary agreed, to call the draft IGSP the “Bali Strategic Plan.”

The dais during closing plenary standing up to honor Chair Ntagazwa on his birthday. Above photos L-R: Co-facilitators Eidheim and Asadi, Klaus Töpfer, UNEP Executive Director, Chair Arcado Ntagazwa and Halifa Dramme (UNEP)

The US then proposed and delegates joined together in singing happy birthday to Chair Ntagazwa. Above photo: John Matuszak (US)

The delegates singing happy birthday to Chair Ntagazwa

The G-77/China said the session was the first step in “our journey” to the Plan’s challenging implementation. Above photo: Jamil Ahmad (Pakistan speaking on behalf of the G-77/China)

UNDP highlighted the need to move towards the Plan’s implementation. Above photo L-R: Alison Drayton and Philip Dobie (UNDP)

The EU said the “Bali Strategic Plan” highlights the important contribution UNEP can make to help developing countries achieve their environment and development goals. Above photo: Marjanne de Kwaasteniet (The Netherlands speaking on behalf of the EU)

Indonesia congratulated negotiating partners for their efforts and constructive engagement in the negotiations on the Bali Strategic Plan. He said the naming of the plan was a great present for the people of Bali and would help maintain the momentum for sustainable development in Indonesia, developing countries and countries with economies in transition. Klaus Toëpfer said the said the outcome of the session is a clear signal for the UN family to work together and to cooperate to ensure the Plan’s implementation. Chair Ntagazwa reiterated his thanks to the two co-facilitators, the Secretariat and the Indonesian government. He gaveled the session to a close at 6:25pm. Above photos L-R: Indonesian delegates Tri Tharyat, Ngurah Swaja and Djismin Kasri; Klaus Töpfer, UNEP Executive Director, and Chair Ntagazwa.


Above photo: Chair Ntagazwa being assisted by Beverly Miller (UNEP) in cutting his surprise birthday cake. 

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