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Biodiversity Policy & Practice

Fifth session of the Governing Body of the International Treaty on Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture (ITPGR)

24-28 September 2013 | Muscat, Oman

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Highlights for Friday, 27 September 2013
On Friday, plenary continued discussing compliance, focusing on reporting obligations and procedures in cases of conflict of interest. Delegates then discussed a revised draft resolution on implementation of the MLS containing sections on: international developments of importance for MLS implementation; MLS coverage; measures to provide access to MLS materials; the role of information in the MLS; benefit-sharing; support to contracting parties and users; and the work of the Ad hoc Technical Advisory Committee on the MLS and the SMTA. Delegates resolved several outstanding issues, but could not agree on references to benefit-sharing and proposed amendments to the SMTA. Plenary also revisited draft resolutions on the Global Information System, and the ITPGR’s Business Plan.
The contact group continued discussions on the composition, functioning and number of meetings of the proposed Ad hoc Working Group to Enhance the Functioning of the MLS. The contact group also addressed remaining parts of the draft resolution on the Funding Strategy on: resource mobilization for the Benefit-sharing Fund; operations of the Benefit-sharing Fund; and monitoring the implementation of the Funding Strategy with regard to resources not under the direct control of the Governing Body.

Night view of the ITPGR GB 5 venue - Al Bustan Palace Hotel

(L-R): Kent Nnadozie , ITPGR; GB 5 Chair Javad Mozafari (Iran) and ITPGR Secretary Shakeel Bhatti consulting during the negotiations on implementation of the MLS
Burkina Faso, speaking for Africa
Fernando Latorre (Spain), speaking for the European Regional Group
Delegate of Palestine
Canada, speaking for North America
Elizabeth Matos (Angola), speaking for Africa
Eng Siang Lim (Malaysia), speaking for Asia
Daily web highlights (click on the following links to see our daily web pages)
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