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L-R: Alex Popp, Potsdam Institute of Climate Impact Research; Carlos Martin-Novella, Deputy Secretary,
IPCC; David Cooper, Deputy Executive Secretary, CBD Secretariat; Hoesung Lee, Chair, IPCC; Mark
, University of Edinburgh; and, Almut Arneth, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

Indigenous youth from the US, performing their traditional music at the Generations Climate Area

The final day of the RCP at UNFCCC COP21 convened on 10 December 2015, in Paris, France. The day was held under the theme ‘Synergies and Tradeoffs in Land-based Climate Mitigation and Biodiversity.’ Two sessions took place, namely on: synergies and tradeoffs in land-based climate change mitigation and biodiversity; and, the contribution of research-action clubs for agriculture and forestry sectors: economic expertise and innovation for climate.

In the afternoon, three films were also screened. The first film, titled ‘Youth Climate Report,’ was produced and directed by students, and provided an overview of climate change challenges. The second film, ‘Moana Rua,’ depicted the urgency of addressing climate change for Pacific Islanders. The third film, ‘Ethiopia Rising’ showed the story of land restoration projects in the Tigray region of Ethiopia.

The morning session included presentations from representatives of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), and the CBD Secretariat. Both highlighted the opportunity to find solutions at the nexus of climate change and biodiversity. The presentations that followed provided modeling results, referring to different land-based mitigation scenarios, and looking at the tradeoffs and potential impacts of these scenarios on biodiversity and land-use change.

The afternoon session included presentations and discussions with representatives of French agriculture and forest clubs, who described their involvement across a network of organizations, working in the forestry and land sectors. These two clubs came together to address climate change, by sharing knowledge and learning from each other. The presentations focused on initiatives in France and wider Europe, and discussed cases of dairy farming, agriculture, reforestation and offsetting. Examples were also provided to demonstrate existing approaches to address climate change mitigation within the agriculture and forestry sectors.

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Synergy Between the Three Conventions: Collaboration and Cooperation Towards a Sustainable Future

Synergies and Trade-Offs in Land-Based Climate Change Mitigation and Biodiversity

David Cooper, Deputy Executive Secretary, CBD Secretariat

Hoesung Lee, Chair, IPCC

Almut Arneth, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, presents modeling results of land-based mitigation scenarios

Alex Popp, Potsdam Institute of Climate Impact Research

Almut Arneth, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

Mark Rounsevell, University of Edinburgh

The Contribution of Research-action Clubs for Agriculture and Forestry Sectors:
Economic Expertise and Innovation for Climate

Benoît Leguet, Institute for Climate Economics (I4CE)

Claudine Foucherot, I4CE

Claudine Foucherot, I4CE, outlines the structure and area of focus of the French agriculture and forestry clubs

Philippe Touchais, Chamber of Agriculture and Land (APCA), France

Marianne Rubio, National Forestry Office (ONFA), France

L-R: Marianne Rubio, ONFA, France; Philippe Touchais, APCA, France; and, Claudine Foucherot, I4CE

Lucio Brotto, ETIFOR

Pat Snowdon, Forestry Commission, UK

Julia Grimault, I4CE

Lucio Brotto, ETIFOR, described the diversity of forestry projects in Italy

L-R: Pierre Compere, InVivo AgroSolutions; Thierry Geslain, French Dairy Interbranch Organization (CNIEL); Jean-Baptiste Dollé, Livestock Institute, France; Stéphane Le Goff, Groupama; and, Alexander Murillo, EcoAct

L-R: Olivier Picard, National Centre for Forest Owners (CNPF), France; Odeline Jacob, Aquitane Carbone;
and, Caroline Marie, GIP Massif Central

Alexia Leseur, I4CE

Joseph Lunet, Ministry of Ecology, France

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