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François Hollande, President of France, visiting the various exhibitions
at the “espaces Générations climat” at COP 21 in Paris, France.

The Rio Conventions Pavilion (RCP) commenced on Tuesday, 1 December 2015, at the 21st session of the Conference of the Parties to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC COP21) in Paris, France. It convened under the theme “Biodiversity and Ecosystems: Meeting the Climate Challenge,” hosted by the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) Secretariat. Seven sessions were held throughout the day followed by a summary of key messages in closing.

In the morning, participants’ addressed synergies between the Rio Conventions - CBD, UNFCCC, and the UN Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD) - and how they can help address climate change. Participants also discussed the Global Partnership on Forest and Landscape Restoration, achieving land degradation neutrality and the outcomes of the XIV World Forestry Congress, held in September 2015.

The remainder of the sessions took place in the afternoon. On the session regarding forest and landscape restoration in REDD+, participants heard presentations on forest restoration in Brazil and Indonesia, respectively, and on mitigation through enhancing forest carbon stocks. A session on land-based climate mitigation also took place, addressing, inter alia, the contribution of the Aichi Biodiversity Targets’ to land-based climate change mitigation. This was followed by Global Environment Facility (GEF)-organized Leaders’ Dialogue entitled “Cooperation, A Valuable Commodity.”

The following two sessions addressed: afforestation and agricultural conversion of naturally non-forest ecosystems; and experiences on the implementation of ecosystem-based approaches to climate change. Under these session themes, participants heard presentations on: grass biomes; non-forest ecosystems’ potential contributions to climate change mitigation; blue carbon’s role in providing ecosystem services and mitigation; ecosystem-based approaches to climate change mitigation in peatlands; experiences of South Africa and their land-based policies; and drivers of biodiversity loss and incentives for restoration.

Key messages from the Biodiversity and Ecosystem Restoration Day, highlighted during the final session, included the importance of ecosystems in climate change mitigation and adaptation and balancing competing land use pressures for delivery of multiple benefits.

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Biodiversity and Ecosystem Restoration: Meeting The Climate Challenge

Opening Session

L-R: David Cooper, Deputy Executive Secretary, CBD Secretariat; Pyunghwa Yoon, Deputy Director, Korea Forest Service; María Amparo Martínez Arroyo, Director General, National Institute of Ecology and Climate Change (INE), Mexico; and David Ainsworth, CBD Secretariat

María Amparo Martínez Arroyo, Director General, INE, Mexico

Pyunghwa Yoon, Deputy Director, Korea Forest Service

David Cooper, Deputy Executive Secretary, CBD Secretariat

Miguel Calmon, IUCN

Victor Castillo, UNCCD Secretariat

Forest and Landscape Resotration in REDD+

Rebecca Mant, UN Environment Programme - World Conservation Monitoring Centre (UNEP-WCMC)

Nirarta 'Koni' Samadhi, World Resources Institute (WRI) Indonesia

Land-based Climate Mitigation:
Current and Future Contributions to Protecting and Restoring Ecosystems

Paul Leadley, Université Paris-Sud and member, Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES) Multidisciplinary Expert Panel

Carlo Rondinini, Sapienza University of Rome

Detlef van Vuuren, PBL Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency

Cooperation, A Valuable Commodity: A Leader's Dialogue

L-R: Marco Albani, Director, Tropical Forest Alliance 2020 (TFA 2020); Michael Jenkins, President and CEO, Forest Trends; Naoko Ishii, CEO and Chairperson, Global Environment Facility (GEF); Rolando de Barros Barreto, Minister of Environment, Paraguay, Marcos Medina Britos, Deputy Minister of Livestock, Paraguay; and Francesco Tramontin, Mondelēz International

Naoko Ishii, CEO and Chairperson, GEF

Rolando de Barros Barreto, Minister of Environment, Paraguay

Marco Albani, Director, TFA 2020

Michael Jenkins, President and CEO, Forest Trends

Francesco Tramontin, Mondelēz International

Afforestation and Agricultural Conversion of Naturally Non-Forest Ecosystems

Colin Osborne, University of Sheffield

Experiences on the Implementation of Ecosystem-Based Approaches to Climate Change Mitigation

L-R: Tim Christophersen, UNEP; Vhalinavho Khavhagali, Department of Environmental Affairs, South Africa; Marcel Silvius, Wetlands International; Dorothée Herr, IUCN; and Cordula Epple, UNEP-WCMC

Tim Christophersen, UNEP

Cordula Epple, UNEP-WCMC

Vhalinavho Khavhagali, Department of Environmental Affairs, South Africa

Marcel Silvius, Wetlands International

Dorothée Herr, IUCN

Sakhile Koketso, CBD Secretariat

David Cooper, Deputy Executive Secretary, CBD, thanked all participants and closed the session.

Funding for coverage of RCP has been provided by the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD)