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Gender Day participants at the Rio Conventions Pavilion

Participants painting a mural at the Climate Generations Area

The penultimate day of the RCP at UNFCCC COP21, Gender Day, convened on 9 December 2015, in Paris, France. In the morning, participants took part in a session titled ‘Filling in the Blanks: Building the Evidence Base on Gender and Environmental Sustainability,’ which aimed to assess the current state of gender and environmental sustainability knowledge, and to identify opportunities and gaps for monitoring the progress of SDGs’ implementation.

In the afternoon, three sessions took place. The first afternoon session, titled ‘Focusing on Results: Bringing Forward Policy Actions and Sharing Experiences from the Field on Gender and Land Rights,’ aimed to share policy actions and experiences from the field to identify means and approaches to enable equal rights to access, ownership, and control over land. The second afternoon session, titled ‘Addressing Climate Adaptation and DRR through a Gender Lens,’ began with a panel discussion in which participants identified gender-responsive actions to foster climate adaptation, DRR, and opportunities for scaling-up, while bearing the SDGs in mind. They also heard experiences of local action from projects in Bangladesh, Guatemala, India, and the US. The final session, ‘Exploring Synergies in the Rio Conventions to Support the Achievement of the SDGs’ brought gender focal points from the three Rio Conventions together, as well as representatives of UNDP, the GEF, the GCF and Women's Environment and Development Organization (WEDO). Panelists discussed how the Rio Conventions could support achieving the SDGs, how each specifically relates to gender issues, and areas that still need to be improved to ensure better inclusion of gender across the three Rio Conventions.

IISD Reporting Services, through its ENB+ Meeting Coverage, has provided daily web coverage, daily reports and a summary report from the Rio Conventions Pavilion (RCP). Our summary report is available in HTML or PDF format.

Gender Day

Filling in the Blanks: Building the Evidence-base on Gender and Environmental Sustainability

L-R: Amy Duchelle, Center for International Forestry Research (CIFOR); Margaux Granat, IUCN; Jacqueline McGlade, Chief Scientist, UNEP; and Yanick Glemarec, Deputy Executive Director, UN Women

Yanick Glemarec, Deputy Executive Director, UN Women

David Cooper, Deputy Executive Secretary, CBD Secretariat

Margaux Granat, IUCN, on Phase 2 of IUCN’s Environment and Gender Index

Amy Duchelle, CIFOR

Jacqueline McGlade, Chief Scientist, UNEP

Margaux Granat, IUCN

Focusing on Results: Bringing Forward Policy Actions and Sharing Experiences
from the Field on Gender and Land Rights

Tatiana Cordero, Director, Urgent Action Fund Latin America and the Caribbean

Dessima Williams, former Ambassador of Grenada to the UN


Wagaki Wischnewski, UNCCD

Mariela Puga, Executive Director, Fund for Women from the South

Addressing Climate Adaptation and DRR Through a Gender Lens, Perspectives from the Field

Priscilla Achakpa, Women Environmental Programme, Nigeria

Houria Djoudi, CIFOR

Sakhile Koketso, CBD Secretariat

Sakhile Koketso, CBD Secretariat, speaking on a global overview of implementation of ecosystem-based approaches to EbA and DRR

Jacqui Patterson, National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP)

Farah Kabir, ActionAid Bangladesh

Josefina Mialax and Maite Rodríguez, Huairou Commission

Kalyani Raj, All India Women's Conference

Exploring Synergies in the Rio Conventions to Support Achievement of the SDGs

L-R: Ousseynou Nakoulima, GCF; Eleanor Blomstrom, WEDO; Verania Chao, UNDP; Wagaki Wischnewski, UNCCD; Tanya McGregor, CBD Secretariat; Fleur Newman, UNFCCC; and Elwyn Edward Grainger-Jones, GEF

Ousseynou Nakoulima, GCF

Elwyn Edward Grainger-Jones, GEF

Tanya McGregor, CBD Secretariat

Eleanor Blomstrom, WEDO

Fleur Newman, UNFCCC

Funding for coverage of RCP has been provided by the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD)