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3rd Trondheim Conference on Biodiversity
6-10 September, Trondheim, Norway

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Photos and RealAudio, Monday, 6th September '99

On the opening day of the Norway/UN Conference on the Ecosystem Approach for Sustainable Use of Biological Diversity, participants met to hear opening remarks and keynote addresses, as well as presentations on the subjects of the ecosystem approach and sustainable use, and decentralization of resource management.

Participants from 95 nations gather at the Royal Gardens Hotel for the 3rd Trondheim Conference on the Ecosystem Approach for Sustainable Use of Biological Diversity.



Opening Session

Guro Fjellanger, Norwegian Minister of Environment, shares a few words with Kåre Gjönnes, Minister of Agriculture (Norway)

Real Audio Jeff McNeely, IUCN, and Hamdallah Zedan, CBD Secretariat, prior to to opening of the conference.


Real Audio Johannes Nakken, Norwegian Ministry of Fisheries, gave an opening address.

Real AudioShafqat Kakakhel, Assistant Secretary-General of UNEP, emphasized the importance of participants contributing to the Malawi principles for the ecosystem approach developed at a workshop in January 1998. He specifically mentioned the work of the Ecosystem Conservation Group, which has been instrumental in bringing together UNEP, FAO, UNDP, CBD, IUCN, the World Bank, WWF and UNESCO to address the objectives of the ecosystem approach at the global level.

Introductory notes: Ecosystem approach and sustainable use.

Herbert Prins, Wageningen Agricultural University of the Netherlands, presented the Malawi Principles for the ecosystem approach, which take into consideration the CBD's objectives and the properties associated with ecosystems.
Peter J Schei, the conference chair, speaks with a representative of the Norwegian media.
Edward Maltby, IUCN Commission on Ecosystem Management and Royal Halloway Institute for Environmental Research, talked on moving the ecosystem approach from principles to practice. He noted that the approach is not a static model, but provides a process for engaging stakeholders in managing biological resources. He stressed that it should integrate the conservation, sustainable use and equitable benefit sharing of genetic resources.
Harold Mooney, Stanford University, spoke on biodiversity and ecosystem functions, presenting examples from marine and agricultural ecosystems that illustrated the complex interaction between human impacts and species, along with their larger repercussions.
De-centralisation of resource management
Madhav Gadgil, Indian Institute of Science and the GEF's Scientific and Technical Advisory Panel, discussed promoting adaptive participatory management, which involves stakeholders in deciding management goals, visualizing alternative management strategies, understanding system behavior on the basis of historical observations, monitoring and stewardship.

Trondheim is located in central Norway on the Trondheim Fjord, an inlet of the Norwegian Sea. The city, founded in 997, was the capital of Norway until 1380. The imposing Gothic cathedral of Nidaros contains a shrine to King Olav, the patron saint of Norway who arrived in Trondheim in 995.

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