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3rd Trondheim Conference on Biodiversity
6-10 September, Trondheim, Norway

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Photos and RealAudio, Thursday, 9th September '99

On the fourth day of the Norway/UN Conference on the Ecosystem Approach for Sustainable Use of Biological Diversity, participants met to hear presentations on the themes of the ecosystem approach in forest resource use and globalization vs. decentralization, as well as a panel debate on local resource management in relation to the GATT and WTO.
Ecosystem approach in forest resource use.
Peter J. Schei, Conference Chair, in discussion with Thor S. Larsen,Noragric, prior to the opening of the session.
Real AudioJeffrey Sayer, Center for International Forestry Research, discussed the application of ecosystem management to forests. He stated that humans once managed forest ecosystems sustainably, but lost this ability as resources and capacity were over-stressed or societies broke down.
Real Audio Hans Verolme, Biodiversity Action Network, spoke about the underlying causes of deforestation and forest degradation.
Conference displays by NINA - NIKU, Foundations for Nature and Cultural Heritage Research. and the National Atlas of Norwegian Vegetation.
Sten Nilsson, International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis, spoke on boreal forests and biodiversity in Russia.
Jeff McNeely, IUCN, spoke about incentives and constraints related to communities dependent on sustainable use.
Globalisation vs. de-centralisation.
Real AudioPeter Bridgewater, UNESCO, discussed the globalization of socio-cultural values and the ecosystem approach.
Real AudioRicardo Melendez-Ortiz, International Center for Trade and Sustainable Development, spoke on the issue of trade and environment within the context of globalization.
Video presentation on the degradation of Norwegian coral reefs.
Panel Debate: What Chance for Local Resource Management in the Times of GATT and the WTO? The panel debate, moderated by Kjetir Gravir (NRK Radio), included Ricardo Melendez-Ortiz (ICTSD), Jan-Eirik Sørenson (WTO), Jose Sarukhan (Mexican National Committee for the Knowledge and Use of Biodiversity), Holly Dublin (WWF), Subramonia Ananthrakrishna (Forum) and Robert Monro (Zimbabwe Trust).
The old town bridge of Trondheim acted as a customs and excise checkpoint into the city. Original construction began in 1681 but what remains today is the work of Carl Adolf Dahl, municipal officer in charge of public works, 1861.

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