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3rd Trondheim Conference on Biodiversity
6-10 September, Trondheim, Norway

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Photos and RealAudio, Wednesday, 8th September '99

On the third day of the Norway/UN Conference on the Ecosystem Approach for Sustainable Use of Biological Diversity, participants met to hear presentations on the themes of cascading effects of resource exploitation on ecosystems and the ecosystem approach in marine resource use. At the end of the day, three informal working groups met to discuss and form recommendations on the discussions of the first three days.

Cascading effects of resource exploitation on ecosystems.

Karin Refsnes, Research Council of Norway, chaired the morning session.
Real AudioJean Carlos Castilla, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, talked on the future of coastal marine community and ecosystem approaches in invertebrate multi-species management and the need for spatial "take" and "non-take" networking and connectivity areas.
Doris Soto, Universidad Austral de Chile, discussed the relevancy of ecosystem approaches in managing salmon populations and environmental services.
Peter Kenmore, FAO, chats with fellow participants during a break.
Real AudioJohn Munro, International Center for Living Aquatic Resource Management, spoke about the impact of fisheries on coral reef systems. He reviewed different forms of reef systems and their species, along with a variety of reef fishing methods.

Ecosystem approach in marine resource use.

Real AudioChris Hopkins, International Council for the Exploration of the Sea, addressed integration of fisheries and environmental issues in relation to the evolution of the ecosystem approach.
Real AudioKaren Weaver, Convention on Migratory Species, presented on by-catch in fisheries and sustainable fisheries management.
Real AudioRansom Myers, Dalhousie University of Canada, spoke on over-exploitation and extinction in the ocean.
This monument, outside the Maritime Museum, was erected to commemorate the lives lost at sea during the two world wars. Sculpted by Kristofer Leirdal, it was inaugurated in 1981.


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